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11 Reasons To Choose Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Wooden flooring is a highly sought-after choice for several ages. From the old-world appeal of traditional townhouses to today’s weekend resorts in nature, wood is a timeless choice for flooring.

Known for its durability, and aesthetic Legno Bastone flooring has more advantages that truly justify the cost.

There is an increasing demand for Legno Bastone, a highly known name in the world of hardwood flooring, all over the world. Customers are fascinated with the quality of the floors, which is again augmenting the requirements. However, there are different reasons to choose Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring for your home.

Want to know these reasons so that you can make your decision about whether to select Lego Bastone for the flooring at your home?

Let’s find out!

What Is Legno Bastone?

Legno Bastone hardwood flooring provides exclusively manufactured floors using the highest quality woods to ensure longevity and aesthetic looks. It began 2 centuries ago, in the late 1800s when Luigi Bastone started it first by cutting his trees down. The same family is running the company till today.

Over all these years, the production process has been expanded and optimized although, the evergreen European craftsmanship traditions were never abandoned.

When it comes to Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors, and Legno Bastone wide plank flooring, every floor is custom-designed and handcrafted. Especially, we take pride in ourselves in terms of longer lengths, and wider widths. This gives a perfect look to build a surface with fewer seams and more panache. According to their customers, the expert hardwood flooring of Legno Bastone are more than a floor, rather it’s an ardour.

The planks themselves are so wide and long, you will be looking for joints or partitions endlessly but can’t find any. Plus, the aroma of the wood and the gentle sensation of the wooden grains will mesmerize you.

Standing on Legno Bastone Floors for the first time is a unique experience. They work very closely with reputed international designers, builders, and architects. It’s therefore known as “Custom Designed Furniture for Your Floor.”

Legno Bastone obtains raw wood from the best European Forests that are nurtured for the mutual benefit of the environment and society. Generally, trees that are 150 years old get major preference because of their uncompromising quality factors in structure, grains, and knots.

11 Reasons To Choose Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring

Legno Bastone flooring is all about elegance, satisfaction, and enjoyment. ‘Quality’ is the predominant thing it’s concerned with. That’s why so many international designers, builders, and architects want to work with Legno Bastone. It’s the conviction of the hardwood floors to be best as well as stand out from the competition.

It’s setting itself apart by achieving the ultimate goal of excellence in the woods. Every hardwood floor has a custom finish which inspires the customers with satisfaction and confidence.

Apart from this European Flooring is committed to designing, manufacturing, and engineering wide plank floors to match the standards in the demanding traditional European cultures. Our galleries of hardwood flooring miami, palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Want to know why you should choose Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring? Read these 11 reasons below:

1. Finest Quality

Quality is everything to Legno Bastone. There are no more important tasks than those that we do in tandem with like-minded others. Legno Bastone collaborates closely with world-renowned designers, builders, and architects because of this. Like us, they are aware that Legno Bastone Floor’s extremely long and wide planks lend their designs a distinctive look. They are referred to as “Custom Designed Furniture for Your Floor” for this reason.

2. A Range of Variations

If you take a look at least one Legno Bastone Review, you will get an idea about how diversified its variations are. Be it colour, designs, or customizations, the dealers, customers, and manufacturers are in a WIN-WIN situation. Due to this wide range of variations, Legno Bastone is at present the #1 hardwood floor in the world.

3. Moisture Resistant

Legno Bastone hardwood floors are specially waxed and sealed before delivering to the clients so that the rate of moisture absorption decreases. Woods are highly prone to the absorption of water but if there is a protective covering on them, you get enough time to clean them before the water gets soaked up. Because of this moisture-resistance characteristic, it’s a highly-renowned hardwood floor brand in the world, and the Legno Bastone distributors simply love it.

4. Durability

European Flooring’s Legno Bastone wide plank floors provide floors built from the highest quality woods to ensure longevity. All the wide-plank flooring is harvested from carefully nurtured trees only mainly for their two inherent qualities like durability and stability. If you follow the care instructions for Legno Bastone price per square foot, it would survive effortlessly for up to 25 years.

5. Warranty

Legno Bastone Flooring has a Limited Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty as well as a 25-year residential Surface warranty. The warranty guidelines are extremely favourable as well. We will take care of everything if you adhere to the guidelines specifically. We love to embrace the sole responsibility of providing enormous and consistent support to our clients, creating cooperative working relationships amongst the dealers and delivering them a product that satisfies the customers.

6. Eco-Friendly

Legno Bastone believes in eco-friendliness. In this era of globalization, when the customers and the clients are concerned about corporate environmental sustainability, it has taken up eco-friendly policies and is implementing them while manufacturing the floors. We only take top-quality raw timbers from European Forests, which are older than 150 years. We never target the young plants as we strongly believe that’s a crime.

7. Have Been In The Market Over A Long Time

The founders of Legno Bastone, who are members of the same family incepted it in the late 1800s. Today also, the same family maintains it. Over the 3 centuries, it has emerged as a brand and strengthened its roots in the market. The best part is that it has beautifully held the evergreen European craftsmanship traditions in its hardwood floors. Customers are not much concerned with the Legno Bastone flooring prices for Legno Bastone price per square foot because of the faith they have in it.

8. Ensures Personal Satisfaction

As soon as we are contacted about any project, we start focusing on the needs and preferences of the client carefully. We deep dive into the client’s requirements, provide them and start researching the designs that can fulfil his demands and make him happy. Custom-designed finish, species, and appropriate designs are carefully assessed. Finally, after the project plan is ready, our specialists work on the perfect Legno Bastone hardwood planks and process them into the final product om the right manner. We have taken the oath of deep diving into customers’ requirements at a personal level.

9. The Wood

The best European forests, which have been conserved for future generations for the sake of both society and the environment, provide raw wood for Legno Bastone. The trees we choose are often older than 150 years and have received careful maintenance all of their life. We set strict, exact requirements for structure, knots, and grains. We only take the finest logs, which we treat with the utmost respect. Any alternative strategy would be unfair to the trees as well as to all the forest staff who have cared for them for ages.

10. Enjoyment

Enjoy the magnificence of the planks with our Legno Bastone flooring. They are so incredibly long and wide that you will spend a lifetime searching for seams or partitions where none exist. When you walk into the room, you can smell the wood, hear your footfall make a deep, clear resonance, and feel the softness of the wood’s grains as you softly touch the floor. In other words, the word Legno Bastone refers to ‘Enjoyment.’

11. Easy to Maintain

Legno Bastone’s wash and care is not that complex. There are daily, weekly/biweekly and yearly maintenance guidelines, which if you follow will make the 25 years of longevity certain. For instance, damp mopping, drying, and frequent sweeping and the three core pillars of Legno Bastone wide plank flooring maintenance.

Legno Bastone Installation

Legno Bastone is an excellent choice if you are planning to go for hardwood flooring. It provides outstanding quality floors manufactured from the highest-quality woods. If you want aesthetic looks and sustainability at the same time, Legno Bastone is your best choice. With 100% European Materials, it’s fabricated 100% in Europe by skilled European Artisans. They recommend employing a professional installer to successfully install wood flooring. It’s a professional only who can ensure your optimum satisfaction and performance.

There are a set of installation guidelines for Legno Bastone hardwood floors which the installers must follow for a smooth installation.

Check these out:

1. Sub-Floor Evenness

It’s a must to assess that your subfloor is clean, dry, secured, and level, and the installer must assess this. Even if there is the slightest dirt and residue, the installer must remove that before beginning the flooring procedure.

2. Subfloor Moisture and Room Conditions

The installer also has to make sure that the moisture percentage of the concrete subfloor is not more than 0.5% for anhydrite screeds and 3.5% for the current screeds. An appropriate moisture reader, for instance, a hygrometer, will help them get an accurate result. If the moisture content is extremely high, either you have to wait for it to dry naturally or use a liquid that will reduce the moisture content.

The ideal room climate requirements for the wide plans of Legno Bastone are nearly 40% to 60% temperature and humidity. Furthermore, it requires a temperature of 64 degrees for at least 5-10 days before the installation, as well as during, and after. It’s strictly forbidden to do flooring if the house is not fulfilling the above conditions.

3. Expansion

Remember to have an expansion gap of ½” at pillars, walls, doorways, stairs, and around the fixed objects. It’s advisable to place an expansion profile at doorways. For the pipes, a hole with ½” diameter larger than the pipe is necessary. In the case of the larger areas, it’s mandatory to leave additional expansion through the ground perimeter as well as the whole.

4. Inspecting The Boards

Before the installation, the installer has to inspect every board in broad daylight for any visible damage or fault. S/he also has to check the finish, colour, or structure. After installing the board, it’s the responsibility of both, the user and the installer to check the correctness of the floor. After installing the flooring, no claims are accepted. The installer has to blend planks from various packs to maintain a great balance of graining and colour. The main focal points of your room must have the best boards.

Types of Legno Bestone Hardwood Flooring Installations:

The professional Legno Bastone installers follow a set of different types of installations. The procedure of each of these large vary from one to another. Below are the types of installation and guidelines for Legno Bastone Hardwood floors:

1. Glue Down Installation

Glue Down installation needs a low-quality, low-water solvent adhesive to apply with a towel. Of course, the glue spread rate needs to be in line with the adhesive manufacturer’s guidelines. Hence, check out the manufacturer-prescribed installation guidelines. Any confusion or question about the acceptability of any type of subfloor coating, concrete slab, or subfloor for the adhesive application is the fundamental responsibility of the flooring installer/contractor as well as the adhesive manufacturer. You may need to leave weights on the flooring boards to create a firm contact with that of the subfloor while the adhesive dries up. Undoubtedly, it’s a very basic practice, and you can remove the weights after the glue fully dries up.

2. Floating Installation

A floating installation doesn’t guarantee solid flooring and therefore is a bit risky. Engineering flooring with a width of more than 220mm should use some substitute installation methods as well. A great quality underlay having a superb moisture barrier must remain beneath the floating floor. The installation also has to seal the joints with good tape. The polythene and underlay should extend up and behind the total height of the skirting boards. 25 feet is the maximum area in which the professional needs to float the engineered hardwood floor in any direction. For the larger areas, you can consider an alternative installation or a suitable profile.

3. Nail Down Installation

The best subfloors for nail-down installation include marine Plywood/WBP, or OSB grade 3. Nailing directly to the joists requires a 20mm thick board. We recommend you use Spot Glue on the Wood subfloor or joist.

4. Under Floor Heating

After the adhesive is dried up the installer can start the Under Floor Heating (UFH) procedure with an increased heating pattern. It’s quite important that the heating system is controlled or programmed so that it ranges between 60 degrees and 80 degrees. In this situation, the moisture content should not be more than 3.0% just before installation. Using an accurate sealer during the Under Floor Heating procedure is mandatory where the moisture content is higher than 3.0% to 6.0% (maximum). After everything is over, bring down the temperature of the Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors to the normal room temperature – 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features of Legno Bastone Flooring

The pre-eminent architects, designers, and home builders across the world are partnering with European Flooring Companies as they exclusively offer and install Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. Undoubtedly, the breathtaking floors, incomparable craftsmanship, and unrivalled quality have taken them to the place where they are today. We as well as many of our clients believe that anything other than Legno Bastone is the second best. So, it’s what European Flooring only offers to its customers.

Renowned designers, home builders and architects are well aware of what impacts European flooring has on a home. This expert hardwood flooring company is no anymore a secret reserve. Legno Bastone follows old-school European craftsmanship traditions concerning its flooring services. Every floor is custom designed and handcrafted to exhibit terrific details. The core of this floor is marine-grade and is assembled with the help of the cold-press method empowering Legno Bastone against water, humidity, and different other types of moisture.

Below we have highlighted some key advantages of Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors:

  1. 100% Certified Grand French Oak.
  2. Marine Grade Core.
  3. Locally stocked over 3 million square feet.
  4. Zero VOCs and no harmful fumes used
  5. Cold-press assembly method to raise the durability and strength.
  6. Factory-trained fitting teams and installation.

Apart from this, Legno Bastone manufactures engineered hardwood flooring with a patented and unique protective finish. Not only it fortifies the floor but also protects it from scratches and stains much better in comparison to other hardwood floors. This finish also enhances and defines the astonishing details and colours of the floor.

Some of the incomparable Legno Bastone features are as follows:

1. Environment Friendly

The fundamental idea of Legno Bastone flooring is completely based on eco-friendliness. It’s one of the primary selling points of the Legno Bastone distributors across the world. The European forests provide us with raw timber of the highest grade. The majority of the forest trees have been lovingly maintained and are often older than 150 years. Legno Bastone is the only option worth considering when looking for the best eco-friendly hardwoods for flooring. Additionally, the wood flooring has a home warranty.

2. Finest Quality

Legno Bastone ensures top quality hardwood flooring. With several generations of perseverance and expertise, it delivers ultimate satisfaction to the users. Whether it’s flawlessness, smoothness, credibility, water resistance, or durability, this category of hardwood flooring always wins.

3. Water Resistant

The way Legno Bastone hardwood floors are sealed and waxed increases the moisture resistance capability of the wooden planks. It’s not that the plants become fully resistant to water, but the rate of water absorption decreases. This minimizes the chances of water-based erosion and discolouration and decay.

4. Years Of Trust

Since the 1800s, Legno Bastone is occupying a prestigious position in the market. It’s being run by the three generations effectively. So many leading clients across the world, simply love to partner with European Flooring because of its super-quality and credible Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring Services. This credibility has made it earn the global trust of several customers and esteemed clients worldwide.

5. Unique Colors And Varieties

Legno Bastone comes with unique colours as well as varieties. You will get a plethora of choice that looks eye soothing and subtle. To be specific, a home is a place of peace, safety, and security. Hence, if the flooring of the house is of pacifying hues and designs, it gives a feeling of satisfaction. European Flooring provides the best variety of colours and types of Hardwood floors at different Legno Bastone flooring prices.

Legno bastone wide plank hardwood flooring VS water!

Not every hardwood flooring is equal. Especially when it comes to Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring, how it reacts with water is a matter of discussion. Water is the first and foremost enemy of hardwood flooring. Wood is porous. As a result, the moisture gets absorbed easily into the material.

The same theory applies to Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. As a result, using water on Legno Bastone Floors may exhibit signs of stains from the small spills. In addition, the wet floor may begin to buckle and cup when the plank absorbs large amounts of water.

You may think that the wound is already waxed and sealed. Hence, no water gets absorbed into it. Well, the actual scenario is much different. While the waxes and sealers add moisture-resistant or water-resistant benefits to the hardwood flooring, they can’t completely resist moisture absorption. What these products do is increase the time it takes to absorb the water after being spilt on the floor. In this way, you will get enough time to clean up the water. Therefore, the floor won’t get damaged easily.

Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors are made resistant in such a way that your floor will remain safe from the fatal effects of water. That dtop quality hardwood flooringoesn’t mean you don’t have to take any extra precautions. With proper precautions and a maintenance regime, you can ensure the longevity of your floor up to 25 years.

Legno Bastone Maintenance

You have to take special care of your Legno Bastone Floor to make it sustainable for longer. Although it comes with a 25-year residential Surface warranty, there are certain Legno Bastone wash and care instructions you have to follow. If you want to prolong the satisfaction you would like to have with your floor, take a look at the following care guidelines.

1. Prevention

The maintenance steps of your Legno Bastone Floor begin from your entrance. Good quality doormats will keep 80% of dirt away and prevent your floor from erosive sand particles. Check these quick useful tips and tricks out:

  • Remove the spilt liquids as soon as quality hardwood flooring
  • Put something protective under the table and chair legs.
  • Never place any plant on the floor directly. Rather use waterproof trays to place them in otherwise, the roots of the plants will damage the floor.
  • Legno Bastone Residential Maintenance Schedule

Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors need thorough maintenance if you want to ensure their longevity. It’s always the best idea to adhere to a residential maintenance schedule so that you have a plan ready about what to do and how to do it. Let’s check out the daily care and Weekly or Bi-weekly Legno Bastone wash and care guide:

Daily Care

The daily care strategies of Legno Bastone wide plank flooring are as follows:
Sweep, dust mop or vacuum regularly to remove any kind of grit as well as loose dirt.

  • Damp mop with clean water when needed. An excessive amount of water can be fatal.
  • Don’t soak the floor or leave any standing water. Every time you are damp mopping the floor, ensure you are concluding by drying the floor. However, under any circumstances, air drying is not permitted.
  • Sweep frequently as it would lower the amount of grit and reduce the need for more dedicated cleaning methods.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Care

The weekly/bi-weekly care strategies for Legno Bastone wide plank flooring are as follows:
Wash your floor with Legno Bastone Wash and Care.

  • Don’t scrub with any abrasive pad or brush.
  • High-traffic areas might require repeated washing and cleaning.
  • You have to dilute the product as per the bottle specifications. Spray lightly on the floor or dampen the mop and wipe with a soft silk cloth.
  • For unusually dirty areas/scuffs, spot treat with a higher concentration of soap and water on a gentle cloth.
  • Yearly Care
  • The weekly/bi-weekly care strategies for Legno Bastone wide plank flooring are as follows:
    Wear and dull marks in the high traffic areas.
  • Conduct a detailed inspection of the floor every 12 months to determine any signs of wear.
  • Review and refresh the floor finish with either Legno Bastone Maintenance Oil or Legno Bastone Liquid Wax Cleaner as and when required. You can use the Liquid Wax Cleaner and Rejuvenator more frequently.
  • For the stains or dirt, apply a little quantity of Liquid Wax Cleaner to the affected spot using a fine and gentle abrasive pad. Wipe up the excess material as quickly as possible with the help of a soft cloth. When dry, buff the surface.

Legno Bastone Warranty

Legno Bastone Flooring comes with a 25-year residential Surface warranty as well as a Limited Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty. The Limited Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty warrants the hardwood flooring in its original manufactured state. It also warrants that the floor shall be devoid of any manufacturing defects in delamination and milling. On the other hand, the 25-Year Residential Surface Finish Limited Warranty warrants that the flooring with remain intact in its original manufacturing condition and won’t get separated from or worn through the floorboard for at least 25 years. This warranty timeline is applicable from the date of purchase.

However, there are certain conditions under which the warranty is applicable. Let’s take a look: The invoice date is the strongest proof of purchase. Things that are not covered by this warranty include colour-changing appearance, the occurrence of open seams and openings, malformations, and surface variations, climatic changes, ageing of the floor, usage issues etc. The Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors need to be installed correctly as per the given installation instructions.

It’s important to know that the warranty covers normal floor usage but becomes null and void if it’s installed in humid or damp places. You should not install if any of the floor components exhibit visible abnormalities or defects. If there is any wear and tear, the warranty doesn’t cover that except for any abnormal wear. The general exclusions are dents, scratches from heavy objects, water damage, and accidents caused by improper maintenance.

If you find that there are any defects that this warranty covers, you have to get in touch with the dealer and inform him within 15 days of the identification of the defect. The manufacturer can’t be held responsible for the man-hours, labour costs, and the cost of added materials or other types of losses. If there is any damage, the damage-causing components must be stored safely and supplied to the manufacturer if needed. If a complaint period is already recognized the warranty period won’t be changed. If there is an applicable guarantee Legno Bastone will offer compensation or supply the defective floor.

The warranty becomes invalid in some cases, such as:

  • The Legno Bastone wood floors are not installed as per the installation instructions.
  • The flooring is not purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • The defects or damages were visible much before the flooring was installed.
  • Mechanical damages or stains on the surface resulting from careless treatment during storage, transport, stones, pets, sand, stiletto heels, etc.
  • The care instructions and maintenance are not adhered to.
  • Why Choose Legno Bastone?

Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring is the #1 recommended choice as it makes the hardwood flooring at your home super easy. There are several reasons why you should Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring for a number of reasons – starting from its eco-friendly features to top-quality materials. Over 100 years, Legno Bastone has created a high standard in the hardwood flooring industry, in terms of uncompromising quality and careful craftsmanship. Here is why European Flooring is a proud carrier of Legno and why you should choose it:

• Expertise and Effectiveness

Legno Bastone has been around in the market for a while. It was founded in the 1800s and is run today by the same family who founded it. Since that time, it has maintained the same European standards for care quality and craftsmanship. The commitment to customer service and quality has remained unmatchable over the past 100 years. Plus every piece of hardwood is hand-crafted in a customized way. Legno Bastone hardwood flooring is today available in Italy, Ireland, and Holland while the family’s 4th and 5th generations are carrying it on now. With this high-level effectiveness and expertise, it’s a top-notch choice for every floor development service provider in the market.

• Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials

Legno Bastone is environment-friendly and is a sustainable flooring material. We acquire the best quality raw wood from the forests of Europe. Most of the forest trees are typically over 150 years and have been dedicatedly cared for. When it comes to choosing the best eco-friendly woods for hardwood flooring, Legno Bastone is the uncompromising solution. They also come with a residential warranty on the wood floors.

• High-Quality, Unique Colors, and Varieties

Legno Bastone is much more than a product. It’s a passion. Their wide, long, signature planks help to create a unique style in the home. It’s interesting to see how carefully each board’s colour, texture, and finish are constructed. Not to mention, there are countless options and possibilities, resulting in an exceptional Legno Bastone hardwood flooring experience.

European Flooring Official Legno Bastone Galleries

European Flooring is not a typical flooring company. We operate a myriad of exclusive luxury and finest quality hardwood flooring galleries. Also, we take pride the in offering exclusive Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. For over 5 generations, Legno Bastone has handcrafted the most majestic hardwood floors in the world. Our installation team consist of factory-trained professional fitters to give a meticulous and flawless fit in each home we get the opportunity to work in.

Our service is unique because we have experts, who are specially trained in Legno Bastone wide plank hardwood flooring. European Flooring also collaborates with the leading interior designers, home builders, and architects around the world to ensure an unmatchable experience for every homeowner.

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