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21 Hardwood Floor Colors That Never Go Out of Style

For years, hardwood flooring is at the top of the list for adding value to your interior. The same is true for business owners as well!

The undying beauty of the hardwood floors with their unbeatable durability makes them the preferred choice of floors.

Installing a hardwood floor with a unique color that sets a perfect vibe in their living or working space is challenging. There’s a color or tone for every interior design, lifestyle, and ambiance. To choose the correct one, you must first go through an array of hardwood floor colors and consider several factors.

Sound tedious and time-taking, right? Well, we can make it a lot easier for you.

Go through this comprehensive blog right here, which will guide you in choosing a great hardwood floor color for your place. The blog informs you about the basic factors influencing floor colors and a list of trendy hardwood colors for 2023.

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A Breakdown Of Common Available Wood Flooring Shades

The color of your floor will have a lot of impact on your house or business space. It is always a vital aspect to consider while buying hardwood floors. You need an appropriate shade for your hardwood floors to match your interiors. It also fulfills your desire for a particular look and feel for the space.

With millions of hardwood floor colors available, it’s undeniably the toughest task to choose one that suits your space. And, we know that you are confused now and contemplating a lot of things to make a decision. You can simply go by the top 2023 floor color trends to pick the right tone for your property. Understanding the basics of wood colors is the first thing to do, and we are here to help you.

Here we have presented a simple breakdown of the colors available for hardwood floors. Learn these basic color concepts to make an informed decision.

1. Grey hardwood flooring

Thinking gray floors are still in style? It’s an absolute YES!

Among all the natural and softwood, grey has the enormous power to awaken positivity and a soothing vibe in a place. It creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, especially when you pair it with traditional decors.

Grey wood floors are never going out of trend for one simple reason. It is one of the most popular hardwood floor color. From lighter to darker tones, you can find a wide variety of grey wood floorings. Gray suits every decor, a cool interior for a modern home or an interesting darker interior to set an imperial mood.

So, the next time anyone asks are gray floors going out of style, you have the answer!

2. Black hardwood flooring

If you are someone who craves perfection in everything, black is the perfect hardwood floor color for you. Black gives a high-end look to your interior, which rightly reflects your modern and sophisticated lifestyle.

Also, with varieties of black tones available, you can opt for the one that adds a dramatic look to your space. For this reason, black wood flooring still has a place among the 2023 hardwood floor trends! It allows homeowners or commercial facilities to create a bold space that never fails to create the first impression on visitors.

3. Brown hardwood flooring

Brown is the natural and traditional tone of wood! Any shades of brown are popular for flooring. It reflects the aesthetics of the original hardwood species and adds a touch of nature to the interior.

Lighter brown tones can set a warm and modest vibe in your home. The darker brown tones reflect luxury and artistry in your space. For this reason, exotic species of hardwood like Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, and Acacia are mostly available in their natural brown tones.

4. Tan or neutral-toned hardwood flooring

Tan hardwood tones simply imply the hardwood colors that are brighter and airy. Commercial spaces commonly use them for their neutrality. It doesn’t set a dramatic, bold, or luxurious vibe in the place. They are hence best for creating a professional and inviting ambiance.

While there are many neutral or tan-toned hardwoods, it is difficult to spot the differences at first glance. However, a close look at each of them will help identify how they differ in their undertones, texture, and pattern.

5. Red or orange-toned hardwood flooring

Rich. That’s the more accurate word to describe red or orange-toned hardwood floors. Wood flooring in red or orange shade is best for your living space when you want to make it vibrant.

Not to forget the charm that red-shaded hardwood species impart, like red oak, walnut, cedar, and mahogany. They represent royalty and luxury. Create an imperial vibe in your modern home, through any red or dark orange-toned wood flooring.

6. Custom hardwood flooring

When none of these basic hardwood tones satiates your taste for flooring or lifestyle, there’s one option left! Customize it.

There are hundreds of options for customizing hardwood floor colors. You can explore them at any renowned hardwood flooring company. Express your interior design preference and creativity that you want in your space to its hardwood experts. They will craft a uniquely shaded wood flooring solution for you.

Thankfully, European Flooring understands the need of customers for an exceptional wood flooring solution. It seeks to create a floor color that matches the client’s desired idea.

21 Trending Hardwood Floor Colors That Never Goes Out Of Style

Wood floor colors have a lot of impact on the household interiors or business ambiance.

When it’s time for the flooring of your new home or renovating the old, you will have a lot of choices. Choosing the perfect color for your floors is exciting yet tiring.

To help in your decision, we put here an extensive list of 21 popular hardwood floor colors for 2023. The list includes the traditional classic colors that never go out of style. It also has the colors that are popping up to set a trend in wood flooring today.

Take a look!

1. Light and subtle brown

No one can keep the natural wooden tone i.e., brown out of the list of best wood colors, even in 2023. However, with time, there has been an evolution in this color. And the one we are talking here about is the light and smooth brown.

Mostly, aged oak flooring has this color. The reason we put this on top of the list is its impeccable natural beauty. It creates a timeless charm in your interiors.

Being a lighter brown shade, it adds enough warmth to the space and allows light to reflect. It imparts a positive or energetic vibe. That’s the reason we recommend this shade for living rooms, bedrooms, and workspaces.

The smooth and light brown reflects the beauty of the natural hardwood, which we see when we cut the timber! The fine grain pattern becomes more apparent due to the light shade, further adding elegance and allure to your floors.

The light and pleasant brown wood floors are an appropriate choice for a timeless color to make your interiors look fashionable. It’s versatile too! You do not have to change your floor colors after years to match them with new furniture or wall paints.

There are plenty of subtle brown shades available in simple, chevron, and parquet flooring patterns. Maple, walnut, oak, ebony, and chestnut are some common species for which this natural shade is available. Check out our exquisite collection, Vienna Oak flooring, which is brown with a gray undertone. The combination makes it a too good flooring solution for any modern living space!

2. Warm and golden hues

Wood generally does not come with a golden shade. So here we are talking about the wood that comes with golden stains.

Gold is the color of luxury! We put golden stained floors as one of the best wood floor colors in 2023 because of their distinct character. They put a warm and earthy vibe to the interiors besides making your space look airy and luxurious.

The brown hardwood floors receive the gold stain. On a warmer brown undertone, it gives a unique color to the floors that spark energy into the space. With a deeper brown undertone, the floors appear earthier and look fantastic with classic wooden furniture and traditional decor.

It is safe to say that golden hardwood floor colors bridge the gap between classic traditional and modern interior designs. And there are varieties of stains available in popular wood species like oak, mahogany, chestnut, and pecan.

To have your floors made with durable and beautiful European white oak, go for Prosecco available in warmer golden hues. It makes the surface of this floor rich and smooth and reflects a sense of openness in your space.

3. Grey, grey, and more greys!

There are hundreds of grey shades, not just in general but for the wood floors!

This is the number one basis for grey flooring is still in style. Lighter, whitish, mid-toned, smoky, darker, or blackish- there are innumerable shades of grey. Their names are another interesting aspect! Carbon grey, jasper grey, silver grey, nickel grey, and many more.

Getting a perfect shade of grey to match your interior design is never a difficult task!

Just ensure to look for your hardwood floors at an established store with exquisite grey floor collections.

Now, if you are asking yourself gray wood floor for your space? Are grey floors out of style? We have the answers.

Grey is never going out of trend. It is a new modern neutral shade that takes the aesthetic of any contemporary space to the next level! A perfect example is the Milano light grey hardwood flooring of oak species. It has helped us create a breathtaking living space, something that you see in magazines.

As we said, there is more to greys. You can also check out Roma white grey and Vitto grey brown wood floors, which are equally elegant and beautiful. Interior designers and homemakers often prefer our grey wood varieties. It is for their enduring charm and essence to pair with any furnishings and decor.

4. Sweet and simple light hues

Want to know what can be the best hardwood floor colors for your small house?

Look no further than lighter wood shades! The rule behind this is simple. Lighter hues make the place look brighter and airy.

Also, you can find plenty of attractive lighter shades of wood floors. From golden amber hue to salmon tone, nutty brown to beige, sage to creamy white, there are plenty of shades.

Even though making a choice is difficult it is worth it. The pleasant light-colored wood floors radiate much warmth and coziness in your small living space.

Light-colored wood floors undeniably fall into the category of top 2023 floor color trends! From modern minimalist interior design to mid-century style, they can pair well with every type of home. Whether it’s an urban home or a beach home, you can get a suitable wood tone for the flooring.

Choosing to go with a lighter hue can never go wrong! It is timeless and with proper maintenance, it can accompany your house for years. Mariella and Amantea Bobwhite are our two exclusive collections of lighter wood tones. They beautifully protect the wood’s natural character while enhancing the beauty and comfort of small living spaces.

5. Honey-toned wood flooring

Talking about 2023 wood floor trends and how can we forget the ‘honey-toned’ floors? It is one of the hot trends, which has grown in popularity as a contemporary flooring style. It adds a subtle warmness and regal look to the interiors.

There is another great factor to consider honey-colored wood floors for your home. They have darker brown undertones, which offer a hint of nature in your space.

You can find both lighter and darker shades of honey for flooring. The lighter shades give a smooth and soft character to the floors, making the grains prominent. And the darker shades add richness.
Not to mention, there are mid-toned honey wood floors too. They are more distinct and easily reminisce the sun-kissed beach houses.

We recommend a honey-colored hardwood floor because it is cozy, airy, and goes well with all decor. Tropea Trecento and Mykonos are two of our favorites in this color of white oak variety.

6. Blonde wood flooring

Next is the blonde wood flooring, which has gained fame due to the never-ending craze for light wood colors.

Blonde wood floors are just the classic versions of light wood colors. If you are trying to avoid dark colors and common light hardwood floor colors, blonde is the right choice. Most of the shades are adaptable, allowing you to install them in any room or area with any type of interior.

Blonde shades are flawless and subsequently, make the floors look unblemished. We suggest our clients opt for these when seeking a posh and luxurious look for their space. Blonde wood flooring comprises oak, ash, birch, and maple wood species.

Several ranges of blonde wood are available in the market, from warm to cool tones. While choosing a perfect tone can be a tough decision, check out the Elisa vibrant hardwood flooring from our collection. Its wire-brushed finish will enhance your interiors and light up your space.

7. Natural wood tone

If you are not going for darker, warmer, grey, and ultra-light tones, natural wood floor colors are just for you!

Of course, they are 100% natural, reflecting the original color of the timber of the hardwood species. It’s a beautiful choice for homeowners who are passionate nature lovers and wants a bit of it inside their homes.

The best thing about natural woods is that they come with intricate details like texture, grains, and knots. They make your interiors aesthetically impressive and will never go out of style.

You can pick a charming natural wood color from countless varieties, starting from oak, maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, and mahogany. European oak is presently the most trending natural wood floor color, letting homeowners in our country create matchless interiors.

Also, natural-colored wood floors are available in plenty! You can choose the right shade to match your interiors.

8. Dark brown walnut tone

Among the dark colors trends in wood flooring in 2023, this one is truly making a name.

A dark walnut tone imparts an artistic character and richness to the floors. They are hard to find on any darker wood floors. It creates inspiring interiors while adding warmth and energy to the space.
Dark walnut-toned wood floors are something modern homeowners were always looking for.

Versatile, beautiful, unique, and yet, easy to maintain! The walnut-shaded wood floors are perfect examples of functionality and beauty.

Being a darker shade, you simply don’t need to dry mop or sweep the floors regularly. The dark shade easily hides dirt or mud that your kids or pet bring from outside. It is also a reason that rich and dark walnut hardwood is among the 2023 kitchen flooring trends.

Sounds pretty for your new home, right? Check out our Noce Black Walnut and Rare Black Walnut hardwood flooring to find the right color for your living space.

9. Warm and dark red-toned floor

If you are looking for something truly out-of-the-box for your home, warmer red-colored wood is your answer.

It’s offbeat, classy, and perfect for any modern living space. Many prefer rich and darker colors of red while, many prefer the warmer orange tone.

Red oak is the most common hardwood variety, offering a light pinkish brown shade to deep reddish tone floors. Needless to say, all tones of red hardwood floors are impeccably beautiful and help to create a rich interior.

You might doubt the versatility of red-colored wood floors. But, this antique and vibrant color comes in many shades. You can choose a warmer and lighter tone that matches well with your subtle wooden interiors.

But if you need a floor to match your, vintage decor items and furniture, go for the dark red floors.
Pairing your medieval furniture and decor with the red hardwood floors will give your entire interiors a big aesthetic boost.

10. Rustic light brown tone

Rustic tones mean something darker! But, not all rustic wood color floors are darker.

You can find today’s light brown rustic wood tone to be simply elegant. It adds soothing essence and warmth to the interiors. It also emerged as one of the best wood floor colors in 2023 for its extraordinary blends of characters.

The light brown rustic shade has a bit of traditional wood floor character. It also adds a touch of sophistication usually found in contemporary-styled wood floors.

When our clients need something cool yet classic for their homes, we suggest rustic wood tones. One such example is Lagos which has some greyish tint too. It is from our European Elegance collection and never fails to astonish our clients after installation.

The whole world appreciates rustic wood floors because their earthy hues combined with clear and beautiful grain patterns make them different. So, think about it! Why not choose this distinct tone to elevate your living space?

11. Classic and enriching pine flooring

Classic pine has always been an iconic type of wood flooring. Its rarer dark reddish tone made us include in this list of home flooring trends of 2023.

You can find very few classic shades as that of pine. Interestingly, the flooring planks show diverse grain patterns and knot holes that make the look of the floors stunning. The floors made of classic pine look top-notch with any type of contemporary-style decor and furniture. That lets you create a majestic blend in your interiors.

This dark and naturally shaded wood is one of the trending wood floor colors in 2023!

In America, red pine flooring has been used for centuries. Its intrinsic or deep-rooted beauty conquers everyone’s attention. Whether it is a farmhouse-style home or a modern city home, the knotty and rich pine offers a classic look. It is hence clear why red pine wood flooring has always remained a trend.

Red pine is the best choice for anyone who is looking forward to creating timeless floors. If you are one of them, do your research, check the variety of shades it is available in. Only after going through these processes, shall you make your decision.

12. Cherry-toned wood flooring

Red pine is not your choice of wood flooring. But if you want red color for new flooring, go for – cherry-toned hardwood flooring.

We understand that pine wood may not be durable enough for your high-traffic space. That’s why you are looking for hardwood floors that cater to your desired durability. And are also available in classic red tones.

Cherry-toned is one of the best hardwood floor colors of 2023. And it is not the cherry wood that we are talking about here. The characteristic stain is put on any hardwood species, including Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Alder.

If reddish-brown or simply darker red color captivates you, then look for wood floors with vibrant cherry stains. With a wide variety of stains applied, it might be difficult to make a choice. Choose the stain that contrasts well with your interiors.

We also consider cherry as an ideal choice for flooring that gives a rustic look to medium-toned wood. We find it as one of the coolest wood tones, which is versatile for modern homes and classic for traditional ones.

13. Two-toned wood flooring

Discussing the latest hardwood floor trends in 2023 and how we skip the two-tone wood floors.
This unique floor idea came into existence lately simply because people were looking for more unique varieties of wood floors. No doubt, hardwood floor colors or their stains are universally appealing! But, still, people want something out-of-the-box for their dream homes. Dual-toned wood floors are the answer for them.

Hardwood manufacturers create this trending flooring idea by mixing wood boards of two distinct colors. You can organize the planks alternately in a simple pattern or an artistic pattern like herringbone.

The two tones must not be distinctly different from each like black and red or black and beige. There should be balance between the two shades and they must contrast each other.

This exclusive two-tone wood flooring is fresh and trending in many commercial places, like restaurants and pubs. But, this chaotic floor idea will also go well with a home interior to create an impressive interior and quirky ambiance.

14. Flat and subtle striped flooring

Finding a perfect wood floor color that matches your taste for eclectic interiors is hard.

But, we bet this flat and subtle-striped floor is the one to give a thought. It is a mixed hardwood flooring type, available with a lot of color variations. And, style? It is truly matchless to keep the planks for creating stripes, with a darker and lighter shade of the same wood.

Nothing can beat the elegant beauty of the striped wooden floors, especially when you choose warmer tones like brown and gray. There is also immense flexibility in this type of hardwood flooring colors. They match well with modern, conventional, simple, standard, and even royal interiors.
A striped and warm-toned wood floor adds a visual treat for your guests.

15. Cocoa-toned wood flooring

There’s truly no end to the variety of hardwood floor colors available in the market. There are vast species of natural wood, each having a distinct color of its own. Manufacturers have added to the variety by introducing stains to add more colors to them.

Cocoa or dark chocolate floors are quite a trend now and that is why we thought to mention it here. The floors look just as lovable as the chocolates – smooth and rich. The cocoa stain goes too well with honey-toned wood and adds subtleness to the floors.

Mostly, red oak and cherry hardwoods create tempting chocolate-colored wood flooring. However, oak and maple varieties are also good when applied with a sleek and rich cocoa stain.

Cocoa shades are currently the most demanded hardwood floor stain colors. They are a mix of vibrant character and smooth texture that can uplift the appearance of any space. Also, being dark in color, they are easy to maintain and do not need regular cleaning.

16. Caramel-toned wood flooring

When we included honey and cocoa toned, why not include caramel-toned wood flooring in the list?
Seems funny, right? But, in reality, this wood tone exists! You can find caramel-stained wood flooring and create a warm, soft, or romantic atmosphere in your living space.

Caramel-stained wood floors fall under the lighter wood category but are very distinct from any other available shades. Earlier, when we talked about some stunning hardwood floor ideas, we mentioned this. Pair your caramel-stained floor with warm-colored furniture and cream-colored rugs and curtains to add a soothing experience.

European white oak is the best hardwood species that you can choose to build your floors with caramel stain. Make sure to apply a quality stain that adds richness and glow to your floors and also lasts long.

This spectacular caramel-toned floor is also among the trending hardwood floors of 2023. People looking for hardwood floors in honey or light brown tone find this one more appealing and appropriate for their choice.

17. Dark black-toned flooring

If you want a rich yet luxurious look for your new or renovated home, this is it!

Dark black is one of the trendy colors for hardwood floors in 2023. It imparts richness and a sophisticated look to floors. They especially come with a cool undertone such as coffee, light brown, or charcoal. It gives a timeless and off-beat look to the floors.

Dark wood floors work well for bedrooms as they help give them a calming ambiance while reflecting a bit of nature. However, they also became famous among the 2023 kitchen floor trends! When you pair them with bright white cabinets and kitchen appliances, the look is stunning and dramatic.

The craze among interior designers to consider black wood flooring became more obvious. It is because they can guarantee more durable floors than light-colored wood. They hide stains, dirt, etc., and may not need cleaning every day compared to light-colored flooring.

Lagos rustic hardwood flooring is one of our favorite rich black-colored wood flooring. We recommend it to our clients, who are looking for creating unmatched beauty on their floors.
Dark-toned wood floors are ideal for rustic homes, countryside houses, or farmhouses. They might make the rooms a little bit darker. Thus, we suggest putting white curtains or blinds to let an appropriate amount of light enter through your windows. That will make the rooms airy, soothing, and rich in look.

18. Whitewashed wood flooring

While there are innumerable hardwood floor colors but have you ever thought of whitewashed floors?

They are one of the hardwood floor stain colors popular today. Whitewashed floors are gradually making a name in the flooring industry because they complement well any interior design style. That simply means whitewashed floors are versatile.

Whether you are looking to create a beach house, a contemporary urban home, or a farmhouse, this flooring will do great.

Our expert designers prefer whitewashed floors too and have recommended it to many homeowners. They brighten up a space and hence, are ideal for rooms that don’t get much natural light. Secondly, whitewashed floors are extremely affordable as you can choose any neutral-toned durable hardwood and get it whitewashed.

Even when you are renovating your old home, whitewash the floors. It gives a new look and is a better option than installing new floors. However, while doing this, ensure to scuff and chip the wooden floors.

Another great thing about whitewashed floors is that you can get them for engineered hardwood floors too! It is a convenient investment plus a highly durable option for your new home.
Whitewashed floors are also a great choice for anyone looking for light-colored hardwood floors.

19. Multicolored flooring

Have you ever thought of any hardwood floor colors that never go out of style? It is the multi-colored hardwood floors!

This type of wood flooring has a natural expansive look and gives a lot of variation to the interiors. Multi-color hardwood floor solutions are usually made of reclaimed wood. They have a unique pattern with distinguished colors across the floor. That is why they draw anyone’s attention at their first visit!

Multi-colored floors are the modern hardwood floor colors your space look beautiful without any decorative rug or impressive interior decor. This is the favorite option for those wanting a minimalist interior in their living spaces but wants it to look beautiful.

Not every hardwood store provider can offer you this multicolor flooring option. Only a few customary hardwood manufacturers or stores can provide that. So, if you know such a store, get it for an exemplary look for your interiors.

Are you looking for the best living room colors with hardwood floors and could not decide on anything in particular? The multi-colored wood floor is your answer! Living rooms must have an inviting atmosphere and also should be visually appealing to visitors. A multicolor floor will ensure that.

20. Bleached oak wood flooring

A classic hardwood floor color trending in 2023 is bleached oak wood flooring. Such flooring turned out to be pale, very pale. Something appropriate for contemporary homes or Scandinavian-styled homes!

These oak hardwood species flooring unquestionably demonstrate exceptional durability. The bleached effect produces extremely light-colored floors, which are in style and trending as wood floor colors in 2023!

Now, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while installing this pale-colored wood flooring. They make the rooms spacious and open to nature. Complement them with deep-toned furniture such as brown, black, or red.

Also, these pale-toned floors suit well with organic decor or artistic decor in minimalist interiors. If your property is a farmhouse, this flooring is perfect. It adds to your contemporary decor and will make it both contemporary and subtle, appropriate for a countryside home.

The best thing about bleached oak wood flooring is you can refinish it after years. It revamps the look with completely new flooring.

21. Deep espresso-toned flooring

There are many whose favorite is black hardwood flooring stain. But they don’t want it simple so they opt for deep espresso-toned floors.

It is far at the opposite end of the light-colored spectrum but is near black. This floor color has got enough attention among homeowners and is a popular choice of interior designers. It is for the ones, who want their spaces to look classic yet create a modern vibe.

Do you need some modern contrast to your old traditional interiors or historic home? This deep espresso wood flooring can create magic! It is ultra-rich and can radiate an artistic charm to your spaces.

It is a timeless hardwood floor color that is gradually replacing deep brown or cocoa color for hardwood floors. For a change, it is also an ideal color for refinishing hardwood floors. It will give a spectacular new look to your space.

Deep espresso is one of our preferred wood colors too! We have Brunello in our Vino collection as the right option if you are looking for espresso-toned floors. It enhances the beauty of your interior.

Trendy Vs. Classic Colored Wood Flooring: Pros and Cons

The color of hardwood flooring has a commendable impact on the interior style and look of your home. But, there is more than that!

The color also influences the current price and future resale value of your property.

Overall, it implies that you have to choose the hardwood floor colors of your home more wisely. Contemplate your home’s present and future, before making the decision.

There are two broad ranges of wood floor colors- 1) Trendy and stylish 2) Classic and timeless.
You are going to choose your floor color from which range? Well, to make a decision, learn here about the pros and cons of each type.

Trendy Colors: Pros and Cons

Some of the most popular or trending hardwood floor colors include:

  • black stained
  • mixed beige
  • gray with lacquered finish
  • dark charcoal, and
  • rustic toned


1. Your home or commercial space looks way too stylish and high-class, which creates impressions on the guests or customers.

2. Trendy wood floor colors give you scope to choose from a range of elegant modern interiors.

3. Many trendy colors create a vibrant mood and energetic ambiance, great for living as well as working spaces.


1. Trendy hardwood floor colors make the home sell at a great price, now, but in the future, it might not.

2. Difficult to refurbish or repair the floors while matching the stain or color of the wood in the long term.

Classic Colors: Pros and Cons

When it comes to classic hardwood floor colors, we cannot imagine anything out of the warm and lighter brown shades. There are multiple shades of brown, starting from neutral to beige, yellowish, or orange tones.


1. Classic tones are perfect if you want your home to look eternally beautiful for the years to come.

2. They are the best choices when you don’t want to go with the hot wood floor trends.

3. You can have a greater resale value even after a long time in the future.


1. Gives your home’s interiors a timeless feel but not a modern or updated look.

2. Maintaining them in the long term is costly and needs appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques.

What to Consider For Picking Ideal Hardwood Floor Colors For Your Space?

Picking the best hardwood floor color for your space isn’t plain sailing. It needs a lot of hard work and research. You have to explore several hardwood flooring stores to find the right color to perfectly match the vibe of your space.

Our hardwood experts evaluate several crucial aspects to help you choose the right wood color for your home.

1. Current aesthetics of your space

Needless to mention, the colors of the hardwood floors of your rooms must go with their existing aesthetics. It means the wall color and pattern, cabinet, decors, lights, colors of doors and windows, etc, everything should create a flow.

Well, you might be wondering whether to revamp or renovate your existing space. But, what to consider when you are constructing a new home?

In that case, visualize the aesthetics of the rooms and then decide what colors will go for each. For instance, if the walls and cabinets are in darker shades, choose a lighter wood tone for the floors.

Here’s a small pro tip:

Whatever your preference for the wood, never go for an exact match of hardwood floor colors with walls and furniture. It will simply make your interiors dull!

2. Your lifestyle or theme of your place

If you have a preferred lifestyle, it becomes easy to choose an appropriate hardwood flooring color for each of your rooms.

There’s a color for every lifestyle preference! You can choose from a range of classic mid-toned woods, like oak, walnut, hickory, and birch, for an artistic interior.

For traditional households, lighter and warmer brown-toned woods are the right choice. If you wish to reflect a contemporary lifestyle, you need modern hardwood floors in colors like black, gray, or smoky-tone.

There are also hardwood colors to match the theme of your house! For instance, if you want a countryside or farmhouse property, stained floors in light colors or muted shades are too good. They give an airy feel, adding natural warmth to the rooms.

3. Type of hardwood you prefer

In the hunt for the most popular hardwood floor colors for your home, consider the type of hardwood you want.

Whether you want the most durable type or want it to be moderately harder. Do you prefer exotic species or the commonly available hardwood species? Do you need humidity or moisture-resistant wood flooring? Do you want it to be pet-friendly?

There are a lot of things to consider deciding which type of hardwood floor is right for your place. Once you have finalized what type of wood you need, you can choose the colors available for them!

4. Need for a stain

Staining is an important step done to color the hardwood floors. To choose the right colors for the hardwood floors of your home, consider whether you want them stained or not.

In this step, we sand the wood floor and apply multiple layers of finishes. The multiple coats of the finish give a brand-new look to the hardwood floors and enrich their colors. Depending on the finish of the floor, the color of the hardwood can change a lot!

The decision of stain colors for hardwood floors should be yours. You can transform the color of your floors or just keep them in a natural state.

5. Functionality of the room

While picking a hardwood flooring color, what you should also keep in mind is the functionality of the space! In simple words, what the room will accommodate and what activities will take place.

Of course, hardwood floor colors that go for kitchens will not go for living rooms or bedrooms. The decision of the color should depend on the functionality and traffic of the rooms. Bedrooms need a pale or light color that soothes the mood and creates a relaxing ambiance. Living rooms need warmer tones for an inviting atmosphere such as light brown or light red.

For kitchens, we always recommend going with darker wood tones like black or dark brown. It can hide stains, dirt, etc., and doesn’t fade easily after repeat mopping.

6. Current trends

Okay, to decide the impressive colors of your floors, keep yourself updated with the latest trends in hardwood flooring in 2023. You can know what’s currently in style and choose wisely.

To keep an eye on the flooring color trends of 2023, we suggest you check home decor magazines and websites. They provide a variety of styles, colors, and stains of wood flooring from which you can seek inspiration.

7. Maintenance Habits

Lastly, do not forget to consider your cleaning or maintenance habits to pick the right colors for your floors.

If you are a cleanliness freak who regularly sweeps the floors to make them look pristine, go for lighter shades. They will also hide scratches, pet dander, and dust! If you are not a regular cleaner, darker wood colors will save you. It conceals the dirt, filth, or stains that children or pets might create.

How To Match Hardwood Floor Colors With Your Interior Styles?

For pairing well your hardwood flooring colors with your interior decor styles, try to imagine the overall aesthetic of your property. Do you need a contemporary feel or a vintage look?

Depending on your visualization, narrow down your choices to rustic, warmer, darker, or light hardwood floor colors.

Here are some expert suggestions from our end about how to appropriately match your hardwood floor colors with interiors.

1. Traditional interiors with classic hardwood floors:

Oak, walnut, or maple are the best examples of classic hardwood floor colors. It pairs well with traditional aesthetics. Many homeowners choose floors with a distressed look. These are hand-scraped to give an artistic inclination to the traditional-looking home.

2. Modern interiors with light hardwood floors:

Add a modern look to your newly constructed home, with light and glossy hardwood flooring. The demand for European white oak is always higher for this reason! Whether it’s the homeowners or businesses, both parties choose light-colored wood floors to match their modern interiors.

3. Boho-inspired interiors with vibrant hardwood floors:

Choosing organic or vibrant wood floors, especially made with stains is the right choice. Especially, if you want a natural and free-spirited atmosphere in your home with modern interiors. Renowned hardwood species like Cherry or Tigerwood are famous for Boho-style interiors because of their vibrant red or pop colors.

4. Rustic interiors with darker hardwood floors:

Want a countryside look for your home? Choose unfinished or rustic furniture, and the floors need to match the concept. Darker wood floors like walnut, oak, and cherry are perfect, which create a distressed as well as a warmer appearance.

5. Multifaceted interiors with mid-toned hardwood floors:

With eclectic interior and diverse furnishings, mid-toned classic wood floors pair well. They balance everything to create a space that represents both depth and comfort.

6. Luxury interiors with warmer engineered hardwood floors:

Go for warmer and sleek engineered hardwood floor colors for luxury furniture and decor. With high-end finishes, those floors can create an upscale atmosphere and will represent a sophisticated lifestyle.

Conditions To Maintain & Care Hardwood Floor Colors

Worried about cleaning and taking care of your hardwood floors so that their distinct colors do not fade out?

We put here the best tips to keep your hardwood floor colors looking stunning for many years.

1. Use the right cleaning tools:

Use only a soft microfiber mop to clean your floors to prevent scratching. In case of spots or stains, make sure to apply a specific cleaner and rub them gently with a microfiber cloth.

2. Dry mop the floors regularly:

To retain the shine and unique color of your hardwood floors, dry mop them regularly. Or at least use your mop 2-3 times a week. It removes dirt, dust, and sharp objects like nails which can easily scratch the surface.

3. Deep clean once a month:

To deep clean the floors, mix gentle soap and water. Wipe the floor with a mop. Don’t forget to thoroughly wring out the mop as it dampens the floors.

4. Put rugs on high-traffic areas:

In the common area that gets heavy traffic, put rugs to prevent scuff marks.

5. Camouflage the scratch marks:

Despite the utmost care, hardwood floors are likely to get some accidental scratches. We recommend using hardwood floor crayons or markers that match the stain or color of your floors.

Pick The Right Hardwood Floor Colors from European Flooring!

Hardwood floors are experiencing a vibrant and dynamic evolution all the time. Homeowners and designers are exploring an exciting array of hardwood floor colors to elevate their spaces. We have discussed here some 21 trending hardwood colors in 2023, which are truly making an impact in interior design.

With so many wood colors and stains available, we know it is challenging to find a color that fits your interior. While hardwood floor trends of 2023 are crucial to follow, you also need to follow your heart.

If you are building a new home, the situation is different and you have a fresh perspective to decide the color. But, in case, it is a renovation project, align your flooring color according to the furniture, decor, and appliances.

Whether you prefer the natural wood tone or need a distinctively stained hardwood floor, we have got you covered!

At European Flooring, we house a team of trained hardwood floor experts and interior designers. They assist you in picking the right wood floor color to elevate the aesthetics of your space.

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