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Every once in a while, there is a company that is introduced to the world and it flips the industry on its head. Today, it is the hardwood flooring industry.

European Flooring opened a new gallery in Miami (European Flooring of Miami) and they are opening another gallery soon, in Palm Beach (European Flooring of Palm Beach).

European Flooring exclusively offers and installs Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. For those who aren’t familiar with Legno Bastone, they create the best quality hardwood flooring on the planet. Each of their floors were designed by world renown designers and each of their floors are beyond stunning. They are so beautiful that they are difficult to turn away from. The first time I stood on a Legno Bastone floor, it literally took my breath away. These floors are on a whole other level than anything else out there.

In addition to the exceptional beauty behind Legno Bastone’s floors, their quality is just as good, if not better. There is an enormous difference between the quality and the safety of every floor. If you haven’t heard of VOCs, please look it up. Almost all engineered wood flooring manufactures use a hot-press to heat up the adhesive which binds the floor together. By heating up the adhesive, the molecular structure is altered, thus creating off-gassing. You are actually breathing in harmful fumes for up to 5 years after the floor is assembled. Additionally, when the adhesive dries, it dries quickly, thus, creating air bubbles and pin holes for moisture, water, humidity and even bugs to get into.

Legno Bastone uses All-Natural products and they do NOT heat up the adhesive. Instead, they use a cold-press method of assembly. They use a pneumatic press which is used to slowly compress the floor naturally, thus releasing any air bubbles or pin holes. There are no bubbles or pin holes for water to get trapped. This is why Legno Bastone floors hold up so well to moisture, humidity and water. Most importantly, this is a huge factor as to why Legno Bastone floors are as safe as they are.

So, now that we have established the beauty and quality of a Legno Bastone floor, lets get into how they are installed. European Flooring has done something that no other flooring company has done. They have had each of their installers trained and certified by Legno Bastone.

You might ask, Why is this important? Would you prefer an installer who works on drywall, tile, carpet and wood or, would you prefer an installation team that only installs one floor and they do it exceptionally well? European Flooring prides themselves on the quality of their floors and the manner in which they are installed.

I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to that have problems with a renovation or problems with an installation. European Flooring eliminates those problems by selling and installing their products. And…they do it well!

In conclusion, European Flooring is doing things how they should be done. Hopefully, the rest of the industry will follow their lead to ensure their clients are as well served. If you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, I would highly recommend contacting European Flooring of Miami or European Flooring of Palm Beach.