European Flooring
The Pinnacle of Hardwood Flooring has found a home in Miami.

Not your everyday floor.

Commanding and Unforgettable! Stop by European Flooring of Miami and you will understand why Legno Bastone flooring is the top rated hardwood flooring in the world. European Flooring of Miami’s design, installation and fitting teams are adding a touch of luxury; in homes throughout South Florida.

Everyone knows that adding hardwood flooring to your home immediately increases its value. Not to mention, it’s unbelievably beautiful and it feels incredible on your bare feet. What most people don’t realize is how big of a difference there is between the different hardwood floor manufacturers. Beginning from where the trees are sourced, there is a huge difference in quality as well as how the trees have been nurtured.

Legno Bastone has a forest in Northern France where the trees selected have been nurtured for generations for the benefit of the trees, the forest and the environment. The trees selected are generally over 150 years old and have been meticulously cared for throughout their existence. Uncompromising demands are followed regarding the selection process. Grains, knots and structure are scrutinized extensively and only the best logs are accepted.

Our artisans have been extensively trained to ensure our products last a lifetime and beyond. All of our installation and fitting teams have been factory-trained by Legno Bastone themselves to ensure a tailored installation befitting the product itself.