Hardwood Floors & Water

One of the most popular questions we get asked is:

How does our flooring stand up to water?

Anyone who has had wood flooring doesn’t want to go back to tile but if they have had water damage from a flood or intrusion from a strong storm or hurricane, they are hesitant because they don’t want the headache of replacing their floor.

Builders, designers and architects recommend our flooring to their clients regularly (especially in the South Florida area). They are familiar with the quality of our floors and how they hold up to water and humidity so they recommend their clients go to European Flooring of Miami for a Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Floor.

Legno Bastone creates the most magnificent flooring in the world. Whereas its visual appearance is stunning, its nothing to the make-up of the floor itself. Every one of Legno Bastone’s floors is created using the same durable materials and the same painstaking process.

The core of a Legno Bastone Hardwood Floor is unlike anything else in the market. It is made with a marine-grade Baltic birch plywood substrate. Using an all-natural moisture-resistant adhesive, each piece of plywood is adhered to each other and the plywood is adhered to the European White Oak. They assemble their floors using a cold-press method. This is a huge advantage of a Legno Bastone floor. By naturally pressing together the plywood substrate with the European White Oak, any bubbles and pinholes are being released, thus not allowing any space for moisture build-up or water to sit.

Most hardwood flooring manufactures heat up the adhesive with a hot press when assembling their substrate. There are a couple big problems with this method. First, by heating up the adhesive, they are changing the molecular structure of the adhesive, thus releasing harmful gases (VOCs) for years after the floor is assembled. Second, when they heat up the adhesive, it dries quickly, thus creating bubbles and pinholes for moisture and water to get trapped. This will eventually cause structural problems and warping with the slightest bit of humidity or water.

Legno Bastone uses a pneumatic press to naturally press together the marine-grade substrate with the European White Oak. The adhesive is natural and not altered at all. This is why Legno Bastone floors are so durable and have the warranties they have. This is also why, reputable designers, architects and home builders will only use European Flooring of Miami and Legno Bastone for their clients. Their reputations are on the line and they will only recommend the best.

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