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Best Flooring For Florida Homes

Florida is known as the sunshine state but what makes its weather challenging is its unbearable humidity level!

Amidst such an unpleasant climatic situation, it becomes difficult for the property owners to choose a best flooring for Florida homes that endures the extreme humidity as well as stands the test of time.

Only a few types of flooring are suitable for Florida homes for this inevitable reason. If the flooring material is not chosen properly, it may cause havoc on your floors.

So, you might be wondering about the best flooring for Florida homes, destined to endure humid conditions.

The unfavorable climate conditions certainly do not deprive you of installing the best quality floors in your home. When it comes to choosing the best flooring type, hardwood is the one that withstands extreme moisture levels while enhancing the beauty of your interiors.

Wood flooring adds a timeless and classic touch to any room and can increase the value of your property.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the top reasons why you should choose wood floors in Florida and how they can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Why Do Wood Floors For Florida Homes Needs To Be Unique?

The subtropical climate of Florida results in hot summers and mild to cold winters, which bring challenges for the home and property owners.

Considering that humidity levels can reach up to 90% in Florida, hardwood floors are the best option available, for they possess the characteristics of bearing the extremities of the weather.

The wood floors in Florida are unique because of the following factors.

1. Tolerates extreme humidity

The top wood floors in Florida have the capacity to handle extremities of humidity! The humid weather needs the wooden floors to be moisture inherent. This typically means your floors must not experience warping, the formation of mold or mildew, and slippery surfaces due to the rise in the temperature.

2. Reduces heat and enhances coolness

The specially made wood floors in Florida humidity must be able to control heat and radiate coolness in the home during extremely warm summer months. This is a prerequisite because homes in Florida have to withstand temperatures as high as 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Thus, a flooring option that promotes coolness and maintains a balance in the atmosphere within the home is necessary.

3. Durability instead of fluctuations in temperatures

While the temperature during the day reaches as high as 90 degrees, it decreases to 70 degrees during the night. This consistent fluctuation makes the wood floors in Florida susceptible to cracking or breaking. Thereby, you need to find a wooden flooring type that is durable enough to prevent cracks or breaks due to temperature fluctuations.

4. Provides ease of maintenance

The wooden floors experiencing hot and humid conditions easily get moisture, rot, cracks, or can swell up. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the floors prevent these and help your floors to last long. So, this makes it mandatory to choose a wood floor for your Florida home that is easy to maintain.

Best Flooring For Florida Homes – 11 Reasons To Consider Wood Floors

Florida’s weather is not only a nightmare for your hair, but it creates havoc on your floors too. The heat and humidity that it is blessed with make it a challenging task for property owners to choose appropriate flooring for their properties.

Although you might come across several flooring options, such as laminate, vinyl, carpet, tiles, etc., none can give you the ease, comfort and protection of your foundation that you need. For the humid, and rough climate of Florida, wood flooring is considered the best one. It helps to keep the interiors cooler, is easy to maintain, and looks good.

Take a look below at the key flooring reasons that make hardwood the best choice for tropical climates.

1. Long-Lasting Durability

Durability is perhaps a synonym for hardwood! There’s nothing closer to the durability offered by hardwood floors. That’s the prime reason we consider hardwood to be apt for humid regions where temperature extremities are hard on the floors.

The high-end durability of the hardwood floors determines how much traffic they can withstand. Moreover, you can expect less wear and tear for such durable floors, making them easy to maintain in the long run.

Hardwood also gives a desirable look to your home along with being sturdy and long-lasting. To date, we have used the flooring for different projects, commercial and residential in Florida, and have made our clients happy with our durable choice.

As experts, we suggest choosing the harder ones of hardwood flooring species such as white oak, to ensure that the floors do not get damp, rot, mildew, or crack due to all-time exposure to high moisture.

What Makes Wood Floors Durable That Last For Years?

Wood floors in Florida, specially engineered hardwood floors rank top on the Janka rating, which is the measurement for the durability of wood floors.

Usually, the woods with a Janka rating above 1200 are considered harder! However, we nominate any hardwood flooring with a rating of 1820 or more to be the hardest such as Hickory because of its exceptional durability.

Another factor that makes installing engineered hardwood flooring more durable than others is its unique build or method of manufacturing. It is made of several recycled layers of wood, approximately 5-7 layers. The layers are skillfully compressed and glued with each other, creating a moisture-resistant solid material that is naturally very durable.

To make the top layer capable of bearing significant traffic and material load, it is strictly made of durable wood species in Florida, such as maple and oak.

An ideal engineered hardwood flooring gives unmatched stability and you can count on the years that they will last. It’s usually 25-30 years which is more than enough. By that time, you will feel the need to replace your floors and renovate your property’s interior for the next generations or sale.

Engineered wood floors are more expensive than any solid wood floors in Florida despite offering more resistance to warping and moisture.

Factors That Make Wood Floors Suitable For Florida’s Humid Climate 

We easily concluded that engineered hardwood is the best flooring in Florida considering ‘durability’. But it also means that hardwood can best withstand Florida’s extremely hot climate. It neither expands nor expands due to significant hotness and humidity. Moreover, they can withstand the unbelievable level of wetness ensuring no dampness, mold growth, or rot on the wooden surface.

If you want wood flooring for your home that can last two to three decades amidst Florida’s climatic conditions, engineered wood is the right choice made!

If you have finally chosen engineered hardwood flooring for your home because it is tolerable to humid weather, these are a few steps that will further help maintain its durability.

  • Regularly clean the floors– We suggest you should get a hardwood floor cleaning kit to carefully clean the floor surfaces. This is necessary to prevent the collection of water in the corners or joining portions of the planks which result in rot, stains, and odors.
  • Use dehumidifier/humidifier: To protect the high-quality engineered wood floors in Florida homes, we recommend households install a dehumidifier or humidifier into the central heating system. It adjusts the humidity level and keeps it as low as 35%-55% which protects the hardwood floors.
  • Get your engineered wood floors from the right supplier: It is necessary to go to the right hardwood supplier whose experts understand it is crucial for a hardwood flooring type to adjust to humid air conditions. They store the wood in apt conditions and later install it considering the humidity. A pro supplier usually applies a protective-wearing finish to make the floors long-lasting.

2. Convenience Of Maintenance

The next big factor that made us choose hardwood floors for humid regions is its ease of maintenance. You do not have to go the extra mile every time to clean the floors. Just regular sweeping and vacuuming will keep your hardwood floors happy and gleaming.

You ought to care for and maintain your floors to ensure that they always look aesthetic and last longer for years. When it is made of hardwood, half of your worries go away. Wiping removes the spills and stains and moping with a damp cloth gives back its freshness and lustrous look.

Every season in Florida brings new challenges for its households. While winter brings snow, spring results in rain and mud, and summer brings higher humidity. That’s why wooden floors in Florida that are resistant to climatic fluctuations are appropriate for your home. With dedicated upkeep or maintenance, they continue looking stunning and shiny despite the harsh climatic conditions they go through.

Tips On Maintaining Wood Floors To Keep Your Home Cooler

No doubt engineered hardwood floors are easy to maintain but you need to be careful while using cleaning products that are not harsh on the surfaces and will give a fresh and marvelous look.

While most types of wood flooring in Florida are low maintenance types, there are a few tips that you can follow to maintain the longevity and attractiveness of your floors.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors that eliminate dust, dirt, and any type of abrasive in the floor finish.
  • Immediately wipe away any liquid/water spills to prevent the wood from absorbing the excess liquid.
  • We suggest you use only safe and environment-friendly cleaning substances, especially non-oil-based cleaners to prevent damage or fading of the wood surfaces.
  • Never apply cleaning products directly on the floor surfaces but spray it on the mop or hand towel before applying it on the floor.
  • Must use mats near the sinks, dishwashers, and bathrooms to prevent water spills on the floors.
  • To prevent discoloration of your wood floors, protect them from the intense sunlight during the day, which is a characteristic of Florida’s climate. You can do that by laying carpets or using proper curtains in the rooms.
  • Be careful every time you are moving any heavy objects or chairs on the floors to prevent scratches and dents. We advise that you place the object on a reverse mat and then gradually slide it over the floor.


Find How Well-Maintained Wood Floors Keep Homes Cooler In Summer

Stepping bare feet on any floor during the summer if the house is not centrally cooled can give an extremely unpleasant experience.

It’s the main reason we recommend you install hardwood floors in Florida residences that aren’t just resistant to humidity but also keep the atmosphere cooler inside the homes.

If you are wondering how hardwood floors work like that, here are the key reasons.

  • Radiates the heat: Laying hardwood floors is the perfect choice for your home because it reflects the heat instead of absorbing it. This in turn keeps the interior of your home cooler, allowing the inhabitants to relax a bit during the scorching summer season.
  • Absorbs light moisture: There’s another reason to choose hardwood floors for keeping the homes cooler. The floors absorb a mild level of moisture, which keeps the rooms comfortable during summer. It truly helps in maintaining a sustainable temperature that makes the interior comfortably warm.

3. Timeless Characteristic

Homeowners or property owners invest in hardwood floors for their timeless beauty and appeal. You would love the elegance and shine that your finished floor will add to the home.

They are available in a wide range of shades and species like maple, oak, walnut, cherry, etc., that simply make them the finest choice of flooring for building elegant interiors.

The availability of widespread varieties helps hardwood manufacturers to provide exotic flooring types. Out of all the types, white oak hardwood flooring is the best option for Florida homes because it’s highly moisture resistant, easy to care for, and has enormous strength.

To maintain the ageless aesthetic of your hardwood floors, it is essential to make sure that you get them from a supplier that offers refinishing services. We have got a lot of repeat clients who wanted to add fine finishes to their floors after a certain interval to maintain their freshness and timelessness. Also, a good floor finish gives a protective layer on your floors that makes them resistant to scratches and abrasives, if it is a high-traffic area.

Classic And Timeless Appearance Of Wood Floors

Choosing a preferred version of hardwood flooring will reflect your personality or style.

A key way to choose a timeless hardwood flooring type for your home is to pay attention to the special wood species that continue to look fresh and beautiful over time. In our opinion, always choose the species with basic mid-tones/warmer tones and characteristic grain patterns.

If properly cared for, the wood floors can look the same even after 40 years. Some of the wood species also tend to turn darker with age and hence, you can get a more vibrant look for your home.

The different color schemes are a key characteristic of the hardwood floors that add to their eternal beauty. They can be further beautified with:

  • Glossy, matte, or distressed finish
  • Patterned floors or multicolored floors
  • Standard planked floors
  • Matching the colors of the interior


Maintaining Your Wood Floors To Increase The Value And Beauty Of Homes 

By implementing proper design ideas along with the installation of a chosen hardwood floor, you can raise the value of your home. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Use a floor covering: Keeping carpets or area rugs over the hardwood flooring isn’t just appealing but also adds a protective cover that prevents wear and tear of the flooring. We especially recommend this for floors with higher foot traffic. Those get consistent tapping of boots and shoes with pointed heels that can leave the floors dented in places. Moreover, laying carpets prevent the floors from being cavernous and results in a peaceful environment no matter how many people are walking around.
  • Clean and maintain its freshness: Cleaning your wood floors in Florida is the prime step to maintaining the flooring condition in a pristine state. When you regularly sweep and mop your floors, it prevents the collection of dust, debris, and stains, giving them a fresh look every day. In case any floor damage is noticed, immediately get it repaired by a professional team to avoid its degradation over time.
  • Keep matching decor items: Even though this is not directly related to flooring maintenance, this tip help to keep your wood floors looking better giving your home a majestic look. We suggest choosing decors with colors and textures according to the warmer or darker shades of your hardwood floors.

4. Diversified Styles

Buying hardwood flooring in Florida is also a favorite choice for homes because it’s available in a wide variety of styles. So, you get to choose an appropriate floor according to your personal choice that also endures well the hot and humid conditions of Florida.

There’s nothing better than hardwood flooring in terms of its natural or easy-going beauty. It has distinctive grain patterns and swirls that give a classic touch to the home. Whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood floors, both have unique characters and designs that never go out of style.

We recommend hardwood flooring for tropical properties if you are interested in adding an aesthetic appeal to your interior. Whether you are planning a dark or soft-colored interior, or, a modern or classic one, there are plenty of wood flooring styles available to complement your choice. It is practically the perfect blend of grace and durability.

Know The Styles Of Wood Floor You Can Choose From

There are mainly two types of hardwood floors available- engineered and solid hardwood floors!

Solid hardwood floors are constructed using a solid species of wood, which can be oak, maple, walnut, or anything else, throughout the plank. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floors are manufactured by joining multiple layers of wood with the top layer being made of solid wood.

Both of these types are available in a variety of styles and you can choose one according to your taste and needs.

  • Strip flooring: This type of flooring comes in strips with different widths and thicknesses. We suggest you should go for this if you want a traditional look for your Florida home.
  • Plank flooring: It also comes in stripes but is usually wider than the strip floors. These are used for creating a more rustic look for your home and are the best choice ever if you plan to keep antique pieces of decor or rustic furniture.
  • Hand-scraped flooring: You can also buy this if you are seeking the trendiest wood floors in Florida. This type is a replica of reclaimed wood. This flooring style signifies the timeless character and elegance of hardwood floors while reflecting modernity through its urethane finish.
  • Wire-brushed flooring: It is quite like hand-scrapped flooring but is looked at as a distressed surface intentionally with a finishing technique with a hard-bristled wire brush. However, it too restores today’s modern charm with a urethane finish.


Ways To Customize Your Wood Floors In Florida To Make Them Last Longer

Choosing the best flooring for high-humidity areas is no longer a backbreaking job for homeowners if they are acquainted with hardwood flooring types. While many do not even consider installing wood floors but go for other options like vinyl, laminate, or tiles, nothing can beat the beauty of hardwood floors!

Thus, we suggest you stick to hardwood floors even if other options seem less expensive. Also, apply these simple tricks of customization to make sure that your floors last longer.

  • Choose several layers of construction that are bonded together because that prevents the shrinking or expanding of the wood in moisture-prone areas.
  • If you are laying hardwood floors for the ground floor or any basement area, install them with a protective moisture barrier or polyurethane finish.
  • Make sure to choose hardwood species that are known for being water-resistant such as Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Cedar.
  • Visit a local store for the best wood floors in Miami, Florida that can also provide installation experts. It will assist in constructing a perfect hardwood flooring type that meets your aesthetic needs while ensuring longevity in Florida’s humid climate.

5. Hypoallergenic Flooring

When choosing the right type of hardwood flooring for Florida homes, design or beauty should not be the only concern. It’s also about the flooring, whether it is good or bad for your health. Many have asthma or are prone to allergies. Specific types of flooring such as tiles or carpet can trigger their condition, making the environment unhygienic and uncomfortable in many ways.

A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that hardwood floors are allergy-resistant or what is technically called hypoallergenic. Being a natural option, it has a smoother surface or a finish that does not give scope for allergens to grow in the gaps or nooks.

Hardwood floors are naturally sourced and come with smoother surfaces, except when they are made roughly textured due to aesthetic purposes. This prevents the allergens from growing in any nooks, cracks, or crevices. Moreover, the floors can be cleaned easily and regularly, which protects the appearance and integrity of the floors.

When you are required to choose a particular wood floor for your home, pay attention to whether it is hypoallergenic! Not only the wood type but keep in mind the floor coating. For instance, water-based polyurethane coating is any day better than solvent-based coating.

How Wood Floors Help Reduce Allergies And Asthma Symptoms?

Wood flooring is the best choice for combating triggers of allergies. Allergies occur in innumerable ways when the allergens are eaten, inhaled, touched, or injected into the body through contact. When allergens are inhaled, it results in asthma attacks or breathing problems. Other severe allergic reactions include sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat, skin rashes, and coughing.

We recommend you install wooden floors for Florida homes that are hypoallergenic for the following reasons.

  • Hardwood floors do not result in the growth of microorganisms that can harbor dirt, air-borne particles, or pesticides that can come from outside.
  • Finished hardwood floors do not accumulate dirt, grime, dust, and animal dander because they do not result in nooks, scratches, or crevices where these get collected.
  • Being a carbon-neutral product, wood enhances air quality. Trees, even after they are transformed into wood floors, continue to store carbon till the end of their service life. This is a major reason we recommend wood floors for Florida homes with kids or senior citizens because they bring a slice of nature into your interior and improve the air quality.


Keep Away Dust, Pollen, Or Pet Dander With Engineered/Solid Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is no doubt one of the preferred choices for households that want to keep all forms of allergy triggers at bay and the health of the inhabitants safe.

However, just having hardwood floors isn’t enough to prevent allergies as long as you do not maintain them. The key imperfections found on the hardwood floors like the unique texture and crevices, or dent marks are the places that trap allergens, dust, pet dander, etc. Even if the floor has a great finish, it erodes with time, and cracks, scratches, etc. can cause the surfaces to become uneven and harbor allergens.

So, the key is to clean and maintain the floors! Do not let liquid spills become sticky and get dust and allergens. Just a simple cleaning regularly which involves sweeping and wiping with a broom and mop is enough.

6. Sustainability And Eco-Friendly

Making a sustainable flooring choice does not mean you have to give up the style or design of your home. Amidst a lot of flooring options available in Florida, it is only hardwood that comes to our mind when it is about making a sustainable and environment-friendly choice.

The first reason wood flooring is considered eco-friendly is that it is sourced from natural resources. Since we say the term ‘sustainable’, it means we are now coming up with innovative techniques for installation to ensure the floors endure wear and tear and are sustainable in the long run.

What Makes Wooden Floors Sustainable, Renewable, And Environment-Friendly?

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring over any type of flooring is its sustainable nature. Here are a few facts to help you know how wooden flooring an eco-friendly choice for you is.

1. Renewable resource: Wood is the cleanest renewable resource that is used for flooring. Since the forests replenish with time, future generations will never run out of hardwood species.

2. Has lower carbon footprint: Wood, being a carbon-neutral product, has a very low carbon footprint. It means when you source them, the impact left on the environment is minimal.

3. Easily biodegradable: Being a product of nature, wooden floors are also biodegradable. It is a term used for the products that return to their place i.e., nature when their service life is completed. When the floor reaches the disposal stage, it decomposes without releasing any harmful substances and that’s what we imply here by biodegradable.

4. Highly energy efficient: Using wood floors for your home also makes it energy-efficient and that’s why it works the best in humid regions. Wood is a poor conductor of heat, and it does not allow the heat from outside to transfer into the interior of the houses. It hence keeps the rooms cooler, even during the hot summer days.

5. Easily recyclable: This characteristic makes wood floors trendy today! If you do not want to keep the same floors after a few years or want to renovate your rooms, you can take them off and use them for other areas like yards or creative ideas like a tree house.

Key Ways To Recycle or Repurpose Wood Floors

The reason we prefer installing Legno Bastone hardwood flooring in Florida homes is that we are sure that it does not impact the environment or give out any harmful substances. At the end of its service cycle, you can also recycle the solid hardwood or repurpose it. That’s one more reason we put hardwood floors on our list of favorites.

When it comes to repurposing or recycling the old wood floors of your home, here are the options.

  • Use the wood for cabinet construction or cladding
  • Create benchtops or tabletops
  • Construct tree houses
  • Build stools, chairs, or tables for the patio
  • Manufacturing wine cellar or storage room

7. Enhanced Air Quality

Hardwood flooring is not only hypoallergenic but also improves air quality by resisting toxins. The floors made of wood do not collect toxins from the air or shoes. When toxins do not accumulate on the floors, they do not pollute the air within the rooms and keep the air pure and breathable.

There are greater health benefits to having wood floors in your homes too! With improved air quality, inhabitants who are prone to allergies or have asthma problems are safer. Thus, with reduced health issues in your family members, you can save costs.

Key Ways Wood Floors Contribute To Better Indoor Air Quality 

Anyone wanting to build a lively and breathable environment would look no further than hardwood floors. Here are the ways wood floors in Florida homes help in enhancing indoor air quality.

  • Wooden floors are either finished or applied with a urethane coating that prevents the floors from collecting dust, grime, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other particles.
  • They do not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that contain a variety of harmful chemicals and can affect the health of the occupants!

Wood Floors Is A Healthy Choice Over Other Flooring Options 

Solid or engineered hardwood flooring is the healthy flooring option because it does not include VOCs. VOCs are compounds with low water stability and high vapor pressure, which are emitted as gases from liquids or gases. Some of these can be chemicals such as Formaldehyde or Benzene which have adverse health effects.

Flooring material not made of wood, VOCs are generally found in adhesives, varnishes, coatings, or finishes. On the other hand, natural flooring materials like solid hardwood make the least use of these chemicals and are known as the ‘low VOC’ flooring type!

8. Family-Friendly

Installing hardwood floors for your Florida homes also frees you from worries about the safety of your kids. You should not forget the fact that your kids will be continuously strolling, crawling, and playing on the floors!

As said earlier, hardwood does not accumulate dirt, dust, or solid particles, and hence you know your little ones are never exposed to allergens. Also, hardwood is less porous and prevents any bacterial growth on the floors unlike carpet and other flooring options.

Hardwood floors not only make sure your kids are safer but also keep them unscratched or unblemished!

By family-friendly, we also mean that a hardwood floor is pet-friendly i.e., resistant to scratches from the claws of dogs or cats. To ensure that, most of the wood floors are provided with a protective UV urethane finish that makes the surfaces highly scratch-resistant.

What Makes Wood Floors A Family-Friendly Option?

Hardwood flooring is undeniably the long-lasting choice for your family! It adds warmth and comfort to the interior while ensuring the health of the inhabitants.

  • Special hardwood species like oak and hickory can survive high foot traffic for years and tend to hide dented marks, scratches, cuts from pointed objects, and stains.
  • It’s easy to clean and wipe the floors to remove spills, dust, and dirt. So, you can keep your floors cleaner and fresh round-of-clock ensuring the safety of kids.
  • Hardwood floors do not trap dust, pollen, and other allergens from outside or shoes, which makes it safer for children with asthma, respiratory problems, or allergies to play and stroll.


How Wood Floors Foster A Good & Healthy Environment For Everyone?

Making the right floor choice helps you add warmth and luxury to your living space, ensuring everyone is comfortable and stays healthy. That’s why when it comes to deciding the flooring type, we never choose anything beyond engineered or solid hardwood floors in Florida. From adding style and comfort to keeping the environment of the home healthier and safer, it assures everything.

  • Wooden floors retain heat better than any concrete, laminate, tile, or any other flooring options which means you can neither burn nor freeze your bare feet while walking on the floors.
  • Being softer than tiles and other flooring options, it is best for the foundation of kids’ and seniors’ rooms because it will avoid major injuries due to slips or falls.
  • Hardwood floors do not accumulate dust and allergens when taken care of and cleaned regularly, which means your home looks fresh every day.

9. Versatility

The best part about wood floors, which often remain overlooked, is their superior versatility. Wood floors can adapt to any interior design scheme or setting. Whether you want to build traditional wood floors in South Florida or want a home with contemporary floor designs, hardwood will help you do it.

Even better, you can also change the appearance of your floor once it seems old to you by sanding it and giving it a brand-new look. If you want some places to have a vintage and reclaimed look like in the lobby area or living room, we can help you customize the hardwood flooring. We do that by choosing an exotic species and rustic shade that goes perfectly with the surroundings.

What Makes Wood Floors Versatile & Adaptable For Different Rooms?

Versatility not only means the widespread use of hardwood floors in different rooms but also the ease of installation. It means you can get a hardwood floor installed with utmost precision and stability no matter what the design, type, or size of the room is.

Other key factors that we thought to highlight here to help you understand the versatility of hardwood floors are as follows:

  • Engineered wood floors are more versatile than solid hardwood since the planks give better dimensional stability.
  • Hardwood is available in several shades, grain patterns, tones, and sizes which make it suitable for a large number of rooms or spaces. From classic grey to sophisticated dark, you can find a shade that just goes with your taste or preference.
  • Whether you want to build floors for your bedrooms, kid’s rooms, common areas, open porches, storefront, office space, hotel, or resort, hardwood will be the appropriate flooring option. You can among a wide range of styles and grain patterns to live up to the expectations of the inhabitants.


How Wood Floors Go Well With Rugs Or Carpets?

Wood floors do not provide a warm or soft sensation on the feet like carpet even though they are not as hard as tiles and concrete floors. However, repeatedly walking over a solid hardwood floor throughout the day can cause slight discomfort on your feet!

That’s why we recommend you lay area rugs to add comfort for the occupants. Besides, pairing hardwood floors with areas or carpets will make your living space look good. Here’s how.

  • Laying area rugs redefine the sitting areas, bed, anchor sofas, tables, and accent chairs and together make the area look like a cohesive group.
  • Choosing the right type of area rug isn’t difficult when hardwood floors are the base. However, go for a subtle look to ensure the charm and elegance of your floors are not overshadowed. Your area rugs should look like a sign of comfort.
  • Area rugs are great to hide blemishes, stains, cracks, or other marks on your hardwood floor. So, it helps to maintain the grandeur of the floors.

10. Improve Acoustics Of Your Home

Did you know that hardwood floors can enhance the acoustics of your home? We bet very few people knew about it.

Hardwood floors absorb the hollow sounds or vibrations that occur on the surfaces and reduce the noise around the home. This is the prime reason you will find music studios and dance studios laid with hardwood floors. It prevents the sound from reaching other floors and disturbing the occupants on adjacent floors.

Also, noise comes from multiple outside sources such as footsteps of people, barking dogs, television or music system, and so on. Any kind of noise can instantly ruin your sleep, a romantic dinner setting, or your study. Thankfully, if you have hardwood floors in Florida, they do not let you experience any of these!

Key Ways Wood Floors Improve the Sound Quality In A Room 

If you want to how wood floors enhance the acoustics of a room, the installation method does the entire trick!

  • When we install the hardwood floor, we put an underlayment which can be cork, foam, or rubber. It helps in absorbing the sound and preventing the noise from spreading around and outside the room.
  • The use of adhesive in flooring also plays a great role in enhancing acoustics. Expert floor installers like us use flexible acoustic adhesive which adds a layer of sound absorbing/dampening property to your floors.
  • The adhesives are applied around the edges of the floors, which further fill any gaps leaving no scope for sound to enter from outside sources.


Here Are How Wood Floors Will Create A Quieter Environment 

Sound mainly travels or infiltrates to other places due to vibrations! Laying solid hardwood floors will prevent that by transmitting as little sound as possible. Added to this hardwood property, the underlayment and adhesives used in installation make the room entirely quitter and calmer for the occupants.

To ensure building a quieter environment in your Florida, keep these few things in mind.

  • Add the underlayment when the home is being constructed or renovated. After the construction is over, there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • When the exposed subfloor is ready, it is easy to add the underlayment at that time.
  • While deciding on the underlayment, make sure to discuss it with professional floor installers. They will assess your site and other criteria like an extra vapor barrier to decide the right underlayment required for your home.

11. Humidity Resistant

Florida’s beaches and majestic seaside views make it a dream home destination for many!

If you are planning to build a home there and looking for the best flooring for waterfront homes, engineered hardwood is the ideal option. Unlike solid hardwood floors, engineered wood floors are built in layers with top layers being made of solid wood and below layers being made of ply.

If you do not opt for humidity-resistant flooring in Florida, there are chances that each of your floor planks might absorb the excess moisture from the atmosphere. As a result, the floor grows in size. If there’s no place to expand, then it will just push the floor upward and deform your floor.

To prevent this, make sure to choose a hardwood floor that is humidity-resistant such as white oak or hickory. It will never disappoint you and will also give you the worth of every penny you spend on it!

What Makes Wood Floors Humidity Resistant?

Engineered hardwood is better resistant to humidity than solid hardwood. And there are several reasons we consider the former to be the best flooring for high humidity regions.

  • Engineered wood floors have layers with the top layer being made of solid wood. When exposed to high temperature and humidity, the layers compensate for each other’s natural tendency to expand or contract. This results in better durable and stable floors.
  • Since engineered wood is resistant to humidity, we can even add it or attach to it a concrete floor. This helps in reducing the temperature of the room and keeping the interiors cooler. This is a prime reason hardwood is considered the best flooring for the concrete slab in Florida.
  • Engineered hardwood is also safe to put over in-floor heating because they are capable of enduring a high level of temperature fluctuations.

Tips To Install Hardwood Floors To Keep Your Rooms Cooler

Of course, you will need professional help to install wood floors in your Florida residence who will acclimatize your flooring and leave expansion gaps whenever required. Apart from that, here are some expert tips from our end that will help you to keep your rooms cooler after installing hardwood floors.

  • Using a dehumidifier removes the extra moisture from the floors thereby, greatly reducing the amount of moisture that the wooden floors absorb.
  • Do not forget to place ventilation in the right places and frequently check whether they are open. Homes without ventilation must keep a few of their windows open to prevent excess moisture from accumulating in the internal air.
  • Steam is a major source of moisture in the home! You have to always make sure that extractor fans around the homes such as dryers, kitchen, and bathroom extractor fans are all in a working state to prevent excess moisture from being absorbed by the floor.

Some Alternative Flooring Types For Humid Regions

Florida’s weather causes havoc on the floors if the right material is not used. It could leave your home in wreaks if the floors get expanded, buckled up, or deformed in places.

The extreme heat and humidity of the country make it challenging for property owners to choose a particular flooring type for constructing their homes that can withstand such extremes of temperature and humidity.

While we discussed above why hardwood floors are the best option for flooring installation in Florida homes, here are a few more flooring types suitable for that hot and humid climate.

1. Tile flooring

This usually comprises ceramic and porcelain tile and both are popular flooring options for other hardwood floors in Florida. Both are artificially manufactured from clay tiles by firing at a very high temperature which reduces the moisture content of the clay. The heat also gives shape to the clay.

Since tiles are manufactured at a higher temperature, they are usually harder and can last longer. Tiles are also versatile and can be used for flooring areas of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas.

2. Vinyl flooring

This is a favorable option for homeowners to build floors in Florida. Firstly, it is moisture-resistant and is great for humid climates. Secondly, it is liked by homeowners because it looks quite like wood flooring and hence, gives a classy appearance to the interior of your home.

Vinyl flooring is also available in multiple designs and styles letting you customize the floors and improve the aesthetics of your home. It works great for kitchen and bathroom floors.

3. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is also one of the reliable flooring ideas for Florida homes which is a synthetic material made of melamine resin and fiberboard. The laminate flooring is made to replicate the appearance of natural wood and so they make great floors for posh homes. It is layered with a top wear layer that makes it quite sturdy and long-lasting.

Laminate flooring tends to absorb moisture and that’s the reason they work well in the humid regions of Florida. The laminate flooring is made with special glue which makes the floors impervious to humidity. It was widely grown as a flooring option in the country for being cost-effective and durable.

How flooring types will affect the temperature in your home?

Floors get directly affected by the temperature around them. The floors get exposed to direct sunlight through open windows and that makes them heat up. Also, they are exposed to warm or cold temperatures within the room and heat up/cool down in response.

Tiles are great for summer because they have a cooler surface. But reversely, they are not suitable for colder regions when the surfaces become too cold to walk on.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also a suitable option that gives the durability of tiles but the look of a wooden floor. It is weather resistant, i.e., does not expand or contract under extreme temperatures. However, vinyl floors are tough to maintain, and you need a non-abrasive cleaner to not affect its texture.

Laminate floors are made of synthetic material that is known for its durability and humidity-resistant nature. It is impervious and tends to absorb excess moisture, making the floors suitable for hot and humid climates.

Summer heat is a huge problem for all Floridians! While tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring can help to reduce the heat in your home by not retaining heat, hardwood is a better option than others.

Unlike other types of flooring, hardwood not only keeps the rooms cooler during the hot summer by absorbing light moisture but also makes the rooms warmer during the cold winter months. Being properly sealed in layers, engineered hardwood can withstand moisture for years and is hence perfect for homes on beaches and humid regions.

Which flooring types last longer in Florida?

Any type of flooring is a big investment on your part, and you want to make the most of it! So, the next question is how many years you expect your chosen flooring type to last. The expected longevity of the flooring type depends on the type of flooring material used and its care and maintenance.

Usually, engineered wood floors in Florida last for 20-100 years, porcelain or ceramic tile last for 20-50 years, and laminate flooring type lasts for 15-25 years. Needless to say, go for engineered hardwood species to build timeless floors for your Florida home.

Why engineered wood is the best option for Florida homes?

Engineered woods are a great option for Florida homes primarily because they are resistant to moisture and higher temperatures. Unlike solid hardwood, they would not expand or contract under extreme heat or cold temperatures. This means your engineered wood floors will never crack or bend during the typical Florida summer days.

If you have made up your mind about buying wooden floors, make sure to choose engineered hardwood floors because of their enhanced stability. Also, choosing engineered hardwood is appropriate not only for their stability but also for its distinct beauty that lasts long with minimal maintenance.

The other reasons engineered wood is a preferred choice for flooring in Florida are:

  • Ease of installation
  • Versatility
  • Available in diverse styles

Best Flooring for Florida Homes

Florida, despite its hot-and-humid climate, is one of the favorite locations for homeowners today! Its sandy beaches, exotic food, and beautiful destinations make it furthermore attractive for building homes.

Keeping aside from all the good reasons to build a home in Florida, what becomes difficult for the property owners is to decide the flooring type that can endure the high heat and humidity of Florida’s climate.

When choosing the floor for your dream home, there’s one type that you can blindly rely on and that is engineered hardwood flooring.

It is better resistant to moisture than solid hardwood and does not expand or shrink with fluctuations in temperature. It’s also durable, aesthetically appealing, easy to maintain, versatile, and kid/family friendly. Clearly, engineered hardwood got everything that makes it your perfect option for wood floors in Florida.

European Flooring of Miami’s wide plank hardwood flooring has been rated “Best” Engineered hardwood flooring in “Quality” and in “Appearance” by interior designers, architects and home builders throughout South Florida.

We proudly admit that quality means everything to us. There are no greater projects than when we are paralleled by those who feel the same way.

This is a reason why we work closely with International designers, architects and builders. Like us, they know that the unusually wide and long planks in a Legno Bastone Floor provide for a unique style in the spaces that they design.

That is why they are referred to as “Custom Designed Furniture for Your Floor.” Our Experts are available for hardwood flooring installation in miami, palm beach and fort lauderdale.

To get the most exotic varieties of engineered hardwood floors in diverse styles, contact European Flooring! Being a leading provider of Miami hardwood floors and professional floor installers, we can meet all the flooring needs for your new home or renovation project. With our experienced team, you can rest assured to get the most durable and stable floors for your new home in Florida.

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