European Flooring
Top Rated Hardwood Flooring
Top-rated Hardwood Flooring Company just opened in Miami and is coming to Palm Beach.

European Flooring of Miami is an official Legno Bastone flooring gallery that recently opened in Miami. They carry the entire line of Legno Bastone hardwood flooring and their gallery is to die for! If you haven’t visited this gallery, you are missing out.

This isn’t your typical flooring showroom. The moment you enter, you can feel the difference. From the subtle hints of fresh hardwood, the aroma in the air is memorizing. This is more like an art gallery than a flooring showroom. But, it should be. Their flooring is on a whole other level than anything else out there. It is beyond beautiful and it will overwhelm you from the moment you enter.

The floor is incredible. A smoked European white oak with random widths from 11″ wide to 19″ wide highlights the entire gallery and it is amazing! On the walls, they have huge 10′ long samples that really showcase the spectacular colors and detail. I’ve been in and around this industry for over 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before. They have an enormous selection and they stock everything in Florida.

To top it off, they have their own installation and fitting teams. All of their installers are extensively trained and certified by Legno Bastone. This is extremely rare. I don’t know of another company that represents a product and they have installers that are trained and certified by the manufacturer that they represent.

I can’t wait to see their new Palm Beach gallery.