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If you are looking for sophisticated hardwood flooring that guarantees luxury and details, then Arturo sophisticated hardwood flooring is what you need. This white oak floor adds the elegance, and warmth, which you had always desired for. The beautiful color and amazing character of the floor never go unnoticed. It commands and draws attention from all. Revamp your patio, deck, or living room with this floor, and get floored with its magic!

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4mm European White Oak || Zero VOCs || 100% Made in Europe || 180mm x 13mm (7.1” x 1/2”) || All-Natural UV Cured Hard-wax oil Finish || 7-Ply Marine-grade Baltic Birch Substrate

For a chic, beautiful, and outstanding interior décor, homeowners and interior designers always opt for sophisticated hardwood flooring. If you wish to bring a change to your home that will increase its overall cohesiveness, you don’t have to redo your furnishings. You can opt for upgrading your floors. The timeless luxury of the floor adds to your property’s style and value.

Why Arturo Sophisticated Hardwood Floor Is Everyone’s Favorite?

The character, style, and color of the Arturo hardwood floor are everyone’s favorite. This sophisticated hardwood flooring from the La Famiglia collection helps you explore the exquisite details of white oak. It is incredibly beautiful and makes your property looks spacious.

With this assortment of beauty, character, and style, all combined in one, you set the standards high for your neighbors. On top of it, our exclusive installation services and high-quality work, provides you with elegant solutions, within your budget.

Arturo allows you to bring style and sophistication into your interior without exceeding your budget.

Key features:

1. Superior character and excellent texture.
2. It defines luxury and detail that is visually striking.
3. The color enhances any room/area.
4. Offers durability and explicit.
5. Gives a timeless finish.

Additional Information

Species: European White Oak.

European White Oak is derived from fully mature trees that belong to sustainable and thoughtfully-governed and managed forestry. The substrate and finishing are fabricated to meet the age-old high standards of Legno Bastone specifications. Bespoke fabrication is completed by Legno Basstone in family-owned European factories. Skilled and trained European craftsmen are used to create marvelous tongue and groove textures.


  • Width– 180mm (7.09”) & 220mm (8.66”)-in stock
  • Length: Minimum of 75% full-length boards
  • 1950mm or longer based upon availability.
  • Thickness: 13mm (1/2”)
  • Wear layer: 4mm
  • Janka Rating: 1360
  • Substrate– FSC Certified 7 Ply Baltic Birch that provides enhanced moisture resistance and dimensional stability, with Cross Panel Strength. It is way better than the traditional substrate.
  • Radiant Heating: Yes
  • Weight: 1.9lbs/SF
  • Handcrafted Custom Design: 100% European
  • Finish: Lightly Brushed or Shaved.


*Certain finishes under the La Famiglia collection are lightly smoked to bring natural tannin in wood to the surface.

** These finishes might also contain traces of Sap Wood in the form of light/white streaks in up to 10% of the order. Please make it known to the client. During installation, they are to be displaced throughout the project, accordingly.

Installation Methods:

1. Glue-Down

Once your sub-floor is ready, vacuum it up and prepare it for the glue-down installation method. This method needs a flat, dry, and clean subfloor to which the floor can be glued, easily with the help of the adhesive. Glue manufacturers recommend the method of rolling the floor, after the installation using a heavy-weight roller, to ensure proper glue transfer.

2. Floating

The floating installation method, as the name suggests, floats, rather than allowing the floor to get attached to the subfloor. The floor plank is brought together using an interlocking system, or tongue and groove mechanism.

3. Nail-Down

Nail-down wood flooring installation is the most common and highly-preferred one. The professionals consider it to be the best and most durable method. Each plank is nailed from 8 inches to 3 inches from both ends of the plank.

  • Proprietary blended oils
  • Micro Bevel on side Edges and Square Edges at the Head Ends
  • UV Cured All Natural Hard-Wax Oil Finish.
  • No Formaldehyde-100% Natural product.
  • European Hand Crafting performed by European Artisans.

LaFamiglia Grading Specification:

  • A trace of heart on the face side can occur
  • Sapwood on the face side can occur
  • End checks, closed checks, out broken and healthy knots are allowed but will be filled
  • Insect damage is not allowed
  • No rouge, inner bark allowed
  • An outbroken side knot is allowed (filled)
  • All imperfections will be filled if possible
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