Protective finish
Maintenance of Hardwood Floors just got easier.


Our Hardwood Flooring was created using the safest and most durable materials on the planet. Our protective finish allows for strength and durability while requiring very little maintenance.

Our Hardwood Flooring has an all-natural UV-cured hard-wax oil protective finish. Our patented finish is the most durable finish in the industry. Our hard-wax oil is considerably more dense than what most hardwood flooring manufactures use (polyurethane or other oil finishes).

The hard-wax oil penetrates deep into the wood, therefore, enabling maximum protection from stains and/or water damage. We use a state-of-the-art UV-curing procedure to harden and press the hard-wax oil. Then we do the entire process over again to ensure for the ultimate protective finish.

An example of how durable a Legno Bastone protective finish really is.

Legno Bastone acquired the top colorists in the world to develop our incredible line of unique floors. One of the reasons our flooring is regarded as the best hardwood flooring in the world is because of the durability of our flooring and how long they last.

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