Don’t settle for mediocrity. You and your family deserve luxury in your home.

This is a great example showing the difference in quality between our hardwood flooring and the rest. The floor on the left is a mass-produced engineered wood floor that is assembled without any oversight and quality control. This is typical of this quality product.

The floor on the right is a signature Legno Bastone wide plank hardwood floor. Legno Bastone is created using the finest European white oak on Earth. With a double layer of an all natural UV cured hard-wax finish, you are receiving an unrivaled coat of protection. The hard-wax penetrates the 200 year-old European White Oak, all the while, adding a dense layer to the surface. You don’t see scratches like you do in other wood flooring. You and your family deserve excellence in your home. We are here to accommodate that level of luxury. Contact us today and schedule a private viewing.

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