The Best Hardwood Flooring Galleries in the World

What is Hardwood Flooring? Hardwood flooring is made from trees that grow at a significantly slower rate, making it denser and more resistant to wear and tear than its softwood counterparts. As a consequence, their lifespan is extended, and they need less maintenance. Wood species may be rated for their real hardness using a scale […]

Palm Beach, Florida has a new neighbor!

European Flooring of Palm Beach

We are extremely humbled by the warm invitations to come to the Palm Beach area. Our newly opened Miami gallery has been amazing however, it has been a drive for our Palm Beach clients. We are incredibly excited to announce that European Flooring of Palm Beach is now open. Tucked inside the heart of Antique […]

Designer Hardwood Flooring that will Blow you Away!

European Flooring of Miami has opened a new gallery in the heart of Miami and they are taking the design industry by storm. European Flooring of Miami exclusively offers and installs Legno Bastone Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring. Legno Bastone is known for their breathtaking visuals and a quality floor unrivaled within the industry. Over the […]

Remodeling within the Exclusive Neighborhood of Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, FL.

Admirals Cove is considered one of the most exclusive country club neighborhoods in South Florida. Located on the water in Jupiter, FL., Admirals Cove boasts some of the most beautiful views, incredible landscapes and incomparable homes in South Florida. The members within Admirals Cove appreciate architecture, beauty, quality and safety for their families. This is […]

Boca Raton Homeowners Rushing To European Flooring.

Boca Raton, FL. is a premiere city in South Florida and like all of South Florida, Boca Raton’s home’s are increasing in value. There are a lot of renovations taking place as well as new homes and condos being built. Realtors will always recommend having wide plank hardwood flooring installed in your home. Not only […]

This Flooring Company is Turning Heads Throughout the US!

Top rated hardwood flooring company is turning heads throughout the US!

The Best Professional Flooring Installation in South Florida

When it comes to installing a premium floor, you need a premium flooring professional. Most flooring companies will either refer you to an installer or will sub-contract the work themselves. Those installers work on a variety of different products such as, hardwood, carpet, laminate and vinyl. Whereas, they quickly complete the job and move on […]

If you haven’t visited European Flooring of Miami, you are missing an entire new world of luxury.

“Where have you been?” There is a reason a 2nd gallery is opening just 4 months after European Flooring of Miami opened its doors. European Flooring of Miami is an official Legno Bastone gallery that recently opened in Miami and it is beyond amazing. European Flooring of Palm Beach is opening soon! You haven’t seen […]

Top-rated Hardwood Flooring Company just opened in Miami and is coming to Palm Beach.

Rosina 220 G1

European Flooring of Miami is an exclusive Legno Bastone gallery that recently opened in Miami. They carry the entire line of Legno Bastone wide plank hardwood flooring and their gallery is to die for! If you haven’t visited this gallery, you are missing out. This isn’t your typical flooring showroom. The moment you enter, you […]

Low-maintenance Luxury Hardwood Flooring


Using old-world European traditions, Legno Bastone’s artisans create the most durable and stunning wide plank hardwood flooring available. Although over a century of traditions go into the creation of each of their floors, the production process has been optimized to better service their clientele. The protective finish is revered as the best protective finish in […]